Abbas-Mustan on a remake of Baazigar and its sequel


There is no denying the fact that Abbas Burmawalla and Mustan Burmawalla, collectively known as Abbas-Mustan, are one of the most successful director duos of Hindi cinema. Ever since the two rose to fame with the Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Jhulka starrer Khiladi in 1990, the duo has delivered a number of critically and commercially successful romantic thrillers, including Baazigar (1993).

Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Shilpa Shetty in principal roles, Baazigar was one of the biggest hits of the year 1993. Khan delivered a breakout performance in the film and became a force to reckon with in the industry in no time. Realizing the iconic status of Khan’s role, the director duo is not keen on remaking the film. They feel that there is no actor from the current generation who can play Khan’s character the way he did 26 years ago.

“Nobody would easily agree to play the character that Shah Rukh essayed in Baazigar. I doubt whether youngsters of today would say yes to such a role. I don’t know if anybody else will be able to justify the role if a remake is ever made. Even if the role is modified a bit, we don’t think anybody else will be able to pull it off in the way he did,” said Abbas Burmawalla while interacting with a newswire.

While there is zero possibility of a remake, the duo is open to making a sequel to Baazigar if a good script comes their way. “If we get a good script, which is worthy of a sequel, we will definitely give it a thought.”

Abbas-Mustan last helmed Machin in 2017. The film crashed at the box-office and the director duo has not taken up any new directorial project since then.