Aamir Khan’s playing Krishna in Mahabharata, confirms Shah Rukh

Though Aamir Khan has decided to remain tight-lipped about his next film after Thugs Of Hindostan (2018), people close to him are busy dropping hints about his much-ambitious project, which is believed to be a silver screen adaptation of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

A couple of days ago, screenwriter Anjum Rajabali had revealed that Khan did not accept his next film Saare Jahan Se Accha, a biopic on Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, because he was consumed with a larger sort of ambitious project based on the Mahabharata.

And now, superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is very close to Mr. Perfectionist, has revealed that Aamir is playing Lord Krishna in his next venture, Mahabharata.

In his recent interview, when Shah Rukh Khan was asked about what kind of role he would like to play in his career now, he said ‘Krishna from Mahabharata’. But without wasting a single second, he went on to add, “Krishna from Mahabharata has already been taken by Aamir, so I will not be able to do that.”

Earlier, the project was being planned as a full-length feature film which will have many parts. The estimated budget was pegged at a humongous ₹ 1000 crores. However, Aamir has now decided to develop it as a web-series of seven parts, reportedly.