A musical message of hope and support by Mirage

WONDERFUL RIDE: The Mirage band members
WONDERFUL RIDE: The Mirage band members



BRILLIANT Pakistani band Mirage have been entertaining audiences since they first formed in 2003.

The Karachi based act has released 15 music videos and two albums, along with widely acclaimed live performances across the years. Saad Hayat (keyboards and production), Hasan Mahmud (guitars), Rehan Nazim (vocals), Mohsin Raza Shah (guitars), Shane Kerr (bass) and Ajay Harri (drums) recently delivered the original song Chalta Jaoon on season one of music platform Bisconni Music, which has already racked up over a million views on YouTube. Eastern Eye caught up with the band members for a free-flowing talk on their time together, new song, live performance and life in lockdown.

How are you coping as a band with lockdown?
It’s a little tough since there are no live shows happening and an artist/band in Pakistan basically survives on live shows. So that has stopped, but otherwise we do meet up regularly (safely), jam a bit, make new songs, discuss current issues and then perform on shows such as Bisconni Music.

How did the band come together?
It happened way back in 2003 when we met in high school during our A-Level days. That’s where we formed the band and performed at school events initially. We haven’t looked back since then.

How do you look back on your musical journey as a band?
It’s been a long one. But we’re still together and that’s what matters. It’s been a wonderful ride, to say the least. We’ve seen our ups and downs, but nothing has stopped us from making music.

What led towards your latest single?
The pandemic and the need for a fresh song for this new music platform.

Tell us about your new song Chalta Jaoon?
It’s about not losing hope and not giving up at all. Life can be tough, but one must take it up as a challenge. The pandemic has taught us a few lessons and one of them is that no matter what, life has to go on. And that’s our message in the song.

Who are you hoping connects with the song?
People who feel depressed, have lost someone and those who just need some sort of encouragement in life. But the best bit about this song is that it’s been done in a very light and sweet mood. It’s not an in-your-face rock song or a powerful ballad, but instead it’s a nice feel-good number, which we’re hoping will connect with the masses as well.

Which of the band’s other songs are you most proud of? 
Aarzoo, Befiker, Iltija, Duur Jaoon, Bhooley and Pyar Hua.

What is the future plan for the band?
Tour the world, make money and continue making good music!

How much does performing live mean to you, and what has been the most memorable?
Live performances mean everything to us. The moment you go on stage, it’s like you’ve stepped into a whole new world. The energy of the audience and the on-stage chemistry with the band members all feels amazing. There have been plenty of memorable performances, but the ones that top the list are a couple of shows we did with Salt Arts and one performance that we did in Muzaffarabad.

Does it sadden you that there a fewer bands today?
Not really! Bands or artists, it doesn’t really matter to us as long as good music is being made. But what saddens us is how the music scene in Pakistan has slowly gone down.

What keeps you together?
We’ve known each other for so long now and are more like family rather than band members. And I think that’s what keeps us together.

How do you get around creative differences when in a band? 
(Laugh) We sit down like gentlemen, discuss our issues, take a vote and move on. It’s really that simple.

Which bands and artists do you admire?
Oh plenty! We can’t name anyone in particular as there are so many. Pakistan has got a lot of good talent and we appreciate good music. Anyone who ends up making good music, we end up admiring them.

What collectively inspires you as a band?
The bond we share and the fun that we have, whether we’re on stage performing live or in the studio making music, that’s what keeps us going. The camaraderie!

Visit YouTube: Bisconni Music


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