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Ravi Chand


ONE of the country’s foremost civil service leaders today, Ravi Chand CBE credits his early years spent in the police force for giving him a good grounding in leadership. The work also gave him a good firsthand idea on how to get things done on the ground, something which made him an expert in “translating policies on paper into delivering them on the ground.” Currently Director for Civil Service People and Places in the Cabinet Office, Chand is leading the government’s Places for Growth Portfolio, a programme that aims to create a Civil Service rooted in local communities.

The programme is delivering on the government’s commitment to move 22,000 Civil Ser vice roles and 50 per cent of Senior Civil Ser vice roles out of Greater London by 2030. Chand is at the forefront of this mission and is thrilled with the progress. Speaking to the GG2 Power List, Chand talked about his experience, vision and hopes for it. “The programme overall has been hugely successful, so much so that the timeline has been accelerated from 2030 to 2027, thus bringing it forward. So overall, we will relocate 22,000 roles way earlier than expected. We have already delivered the relocation of 16,000 posts from Lon don, many of which are senior roles. “We are way ahead of the target and now beginning to see genuine impact in places,” Chand said, buzzing with a “real sense of achievement”. “My role is to facilitate and support the government’s modernisation and reform agenda and to ensure that the government has genuine representation at the most senior levels across the whole of the UK, and not just in London.” To fulfill this mis sion, Chand has been traveling extensively throughout the country, visiting new hubs and office collaborations alongside his Civil Service Live engagements.

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