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Bina Mehta


ONE does not get leadership roles without some luck and a lot of support, feels top business executive Bina Mehta MBE. Now in her second term as the Chair of business consulting and accountancy firm KPMG, she is the first woman to hold the role of Chair in the firm’s 150-year plus history. She was first appointed to this role in February 2021 following the firm’s adoption of a new governance model that split the role of chair and chief executive. After spending over 30 years at KPMG for over 30 years, she is an authority in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as in restructuring, advising leading private and listed international clients. Speaking to the GG2 Power List, Mehta extensively discussed her beliefs, goals, achievements, and various other aspects of her work at KPMG.

“I am very proud to be the first female to Chair KPMG UK. “It’s the culmination of almost three decades of working with many global businesses, advising them, among other things, through complex M&A transactions and cross-border restructurings to help them deliver long-term, sustainable growth. “The path has not always been straight and at times it’s been challenging – but it has always been fulfilling. That’s partly thanks to working alongside some extremely talented colleagues who have inspired me every step of the way. “You don’t get to leadership roles without some luck and a lot of support.

It’s a privilege to now be able to reciprocate by leading our board and helping to build a culture at KPMG UK where everyone can thrive,” she said. Today, Mehta not only leads the KPMG board’s focus on strategy and performance, but she is also a torchbearer on transformation of the firm’s culture, reputation and quality while shaping its future strategy. At KPMG UK, she is actively

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