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Romesh Ranganathan


ONE of best-known and most popular comics in Britain today, Romesh Ranganathan started 2022 with a new BBC comedy series Avoidance – which he co-wrote and stars in.

In 2021, Ranganathan shocked his fans with a rather unusual decision for a celebrity: quitting Twitter. His tweet on January 20, 2021, read: “I don’t like it here anymore so this is my last ever tweet. Goodbye forever! (I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and probably OnlyFans soon)”

Dwelling upon this decision and its aftermath in his Guardian column, the 42-year-old said he found the way people speak to each other on it as “unacceptable.” And in typical deadpan style, he adds: “I was tired of the incessant comments about me getting work only because of diversity quotas and political correctness, from people who ignore the fact I couldn’t care less whether it’s talent or initiatives that get me the work: I’m still taking the money.”

Joke apart, Ranganathan was just stating a fact there, as the comedian is on a roll with TV shows, books, comedy tours, award-winning podcast Hip Hop Saved My Life and countless other achievements. Since his TV debut on Live at the Apollo in 2012, this Sussex-born star has gone from a secondary school maths teacher to becoming a household name.

His BBC Two show The Ranganation returned for a third season this February, after a second season which has been hailed as one the best lockdown comedy series on TV last year. Joined by his very own focus group of 20 members of the public, who represent a cross section of modern Britain, the show has seen Ranganathan’s mastery at driving the most insightful, yet hilarious look into contemporary life.

Past discussions have covered such disparate subjects as paranormal activity, home-schooling during lockdown, dating apps, whether or

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