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Imran Khan


IMRAN KHAN QC is one of the most highly regarded human rights lawyers in the UK, recognisable for his role in the Stephen Lawrence murder case.

Khan represented the Lawrence family during the private prosecution, inquest and public inquiry into Stephen’s murder. The black British teenager was killed in a racially motivated attack in 1993, causing mass outrage across the country. It sparked cultural changes of attitudes on racism and led to the Macpherson report, which famously concluded that the Metropolitan Police were institutionally racist.

Responsible for getting justice for the families of Stephen, the 56-year-old became a familiar face throughout the course of the case as it continuously made front-page news. Even now, it still makes headlines and Khan continues to work tirelessly for the family.

However, the solicitor does not wish to use his position for self-congratulation. “My success is on the back of tragedy,” he says. When he received the Lawyer of the Year award by the Law Society in 1999, Khan did not ignore the true reason behind the win.

Born in Pakistan, Khan moved to east London with his family in 1968. After completing his A-levels at East Ham College, Khan went on to pursue a law degree at North East London Polytechnic. “Part of my education was about challenging the way the law operates,” he once said.

“I can remember the most wonderful lecturers at college saying that you always had to question the way the law operates. That was a good foundation for what came later.”

A practicing solicitor since 1991, Khan is one of the founding members of law firm Imran Khan and Partners. He is also the head of the Criminal Defence, Actions Against the Police and Public Law Departments (Inquests, Judicial Reviews and Public Inquiries).

Besides the Lawrence case, Khan

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