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‘She is the most talented actress’

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook


One of television’s hottest young stars Shivangi Joshi will turn a year older on May 18 and this will no doubt result in a social media takeover from her dedicated fans.

The adulation the actress will get on her birthday will be more than the young Bollywood brigade gets when promoting a movie and it is another sign that small screen stars deserve a chance in cinema ahead of less talented star kids.

The hard-working Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai star won’t get much time to have a big birthday bash and if Indian film producers are smart they will look at her instead of those with family ties with no acting experience when they are casting for a movie.

I thought the best way to celebrate Shivangi turning a year older was asking her dedicated Twitter fans why they admire her.

There was a massive response and here are 10 of the replies.

@Adz_1998: Shivangi inspires me each and every day to work hard and live life to the fullest. She is the most adorable human being on this planet and the most talented actress. Her performances are mind-blowing. I would say her every performance is Oscar-worthy.

@abhijisan: (I liked her) initially just for her natural acting skill as I felt she is sheer acting genius. Later, I developed a liking for her off-screen persona. Now I love her for what she is on screen and off screen, such an innocent talent.

@AimenAimenumair: I like Shivangi Joshi for many reasons. She’s so down-to-earth, she never shows off her achievements and I haven’t seen her being proud in any interviews ever. She’s so young and talented. Shooting, travelling and a doting daughter, she manages everything so well. A great actress!

@ektanagpal1990: She is my inspiration. She inspires me to look for positives in everything and also how to work hard in tough situations. I also admire her love, care and respect for everyone, selfless nature, strong willpower and down-to-earth nature.

@Kanika198903: Shivangi is an inspiration to every girls next door and for all lower or middle-class families who have dreams in their eyes, but don’t have the courage and ways to fulfil them. She is inspiring many girls and boys to discover and utilise their talents instead of just waiting for the magic to happen.

@piu587315: She always inspires me. She is the true example of hard work pays off. The hard work and dedication she puts in her each and every work inspires me. And no matter how successful she becomes, she is innocent by heart and is a pure gem.

@PiyaKaira: The best thing about Shivi is the way that she has evolved as a performer. It’s not that she was ever bad, but she has gone from good to sheer excellence. She has talent, but what makes her inspirational is how she strives to improve that talent and be her best.

@Priyanka3291: I like Shivangi because of her acting and nature. She is a very versatile, a fantastic actress with amazing screen presence and very down-to-earth person. The way she played Naira’s every shade is amazing. She is a very hard working girl with a pure heart, who silently does her work.

@rockingsanhita: Everything about this girl is so special and you can’t help but love her more and more. She is immensely talented. An absolutely amazing actress and a dancer!

@SimranS51082908: Her down-to-earth nature and innocence are the best things about her. She is an inspiration for this and the coming generations. She is very talented, hardworking and handles each and every situation very calmly, and that too at such a young age. Hats off to her.

@TeamShivangiJ: We love her because she is attaining such huge heights at this young age and being an inspiring figure for the youth, including us. We genuinely love the way she lives her life so efficiently and is such a warm person inside out.