Ranbir’s regret at Katrina split

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in Jagga Jasoos
Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in Jagga Jasoos

Actor Ranbir Kapoor has finally spoken about his sudden split from Katrina Kaif earlier this year, saying he had chosen to remain silent because he didn’t want any misinterpretation of his comments.

“My personal life is very dear to me and especially what my relationship with Katrina is, was or is going to be,” said Ranbir.

“After my parents, she has been the most influential, most motivational entity in my life and I hold that very dear. So I don’t want to say anything about it. There is no negativity or sense of bitterness where that is concerned. There is nothing to talk about.”

Although he said he was hurting, Ranbir didn’t mind that the media portrayed him as heartless post the break up and said he didn’t want his relationship to lose dignity by taking it to the public platform. He did hint, however, that rumours led to the break down of his relationship with Katrina, despite them moving in together.

“The less you know about me, it’s better for me. It will only help me make you believe me more when I act. I don’t want you to know me more as a person,” he admitted.

“Over time you will understand me, but I can’t sit in every interview and explain myself, explain my heart, especially where my relationship is concerned because it was really punctured by a lot of things – by absolutely baseless rumours, reports, perceptions, point of views and all of that, and it hurt. I don’t want to clarify them.”

Ranbir said he hasn’t lost faith in relationships, adding that he hoped to fall in love and have kids one day.

Ranbir and Katrina will next be seen in Jagga Jasoos, which hits the big screens in April next year.

Despite the split, Ranbir said there was no awkwardness when working with Katrina on Jagga Jasoos and praised her professionalism.

“We shot in Morocco and Mumbai. I think Katrina and me had amazing creative energy. We’ve always had it. Working with her, as always, has been fun. The kind of passion and work ethic she has I haven’t seen in many people in this industry. There was no awkwardness.

“I hope that I can continue working with her in the future. We are actors and not here to bring our personal life and personal emotions. We come on set and bring the characters’ emotions. However hard it is, it is our job.

“In the case of Katrina, she just makes it easy. It’s not awkward, it’s not weird. She just brings her A-game on set. In return I bring my A-game. So I think we have a great creative partnership.”