IT WAS from a very young age that Anushka Lalwani knew she wanted to help those in need. She went from assisting others as a schoolgirl to a flourishing career as an adult helping others, which includes setting up a unique community based initiative that empowers men.

The life coach, master Reiki practitioner and Akashic Records reader loves being of service and says it makes her soul happy.

Eastern Eye caught up with Anushka to talk about the diverse ways in which she helps others, empowerment, her e-book, understanding men and more.

You have helped people in diverse ways, but what has been the most satisfying?
Helping men. We live in a modern age or western society where men are expected to do everything on their own, including being a provider, making money and being the leader of a family. This is especially predominant in the Asian culture where women are allowed to ask for support, but men aren’t. Often they are the ones providing help to others and very seldom are open to receiving help.

So in my journey as a coach and healer, I have been very blessed and honoured to encounter men open to receiving my help. I hope to help many more men.

What inspired your empower men initiative?
I found a need for brotherhood. As a new entrepreneur, quitting my job and starting an online business was extremely challenging and having a sisterhood was the biggest support for me through the toughest and darkest times. Some male friends were very helpful too but would also ask me for advice and support. I was more than happy to help but didn’t understand why they wouldn’t go to close male friends or relatives. I realised it was due to them not being comfortable opening up to other men.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it isn’t okay for men to be vulnerable, open about their emotions or ask for support. This along with me believing men are the pillar of a family and deserving to be empowered led me to create virtual brotherhood #empowerMen.

Tell us about it?
This online community is built to connect likeminded men globally so they are able to support each other, connect and even do business together.

What are the key aspects you focus on to empower men?
I focus on mindset and energy. These are in my opinion the two key elements to success. Having a strong mindset and your energy in alignment with your goals enables the accomplishment of all you desire easily and effortlessly. You become a magnet for success because you are in alignment with your dreams.

What is the biggest challenge of working with men?
Working with their ego. A lot of men I’ve worked with spend too much time in their head. Not necessarily working on their thoughts and mindset, but more questioning how they will achieve all their goals and dreams.

Men spend a lot of time focusing on their ‘how’, when they should spend more time connecting with their ‘why’. It is important for them to get clear on ‘why’ they want their dreams to come true, not ‘how’ to achieve them.

How can they do that?
If men spend less time in their ego, but instead out of their ego, observing it, they will understand how it is limiting and holding them back. It’s essential for men to connect more with their intuition, gutfeeling and instinct. I teach men how to become aware of their ego
and master their instincts.

Are there key issues you focus on?
Balancing the masculine and feminine energies. We all have both energies, but they can be out of balance. Men who often take decisions driven by their emotions, consider themselves lazy or have a lack of drive perhaps grew up in a female-dominated environment, so have more feminine energy and need more masculine energy. Men who are go-getters, completely focused on achieving success and emotionally disconnected from their feelings have more masculine energy, so need more feminine energy. A balanced man has 80
per cent masculine and 20 per cent feminine energy. I use my coaching skills and healing abilities to bring these back in balance.

Tell us about some success stories from your work?
I have worked with diverse clients. One ex-corporate world employee was struggling with
getting clients and didn’t even know if he wanted to continue with his business, but by the
end of the three-month program, he began getting clients. Today he runs monthly workshops in central London as well as weekly classes.

Another client wanted to make more money and find a girlfriend, and after three months of
coaching had almost doubled his income and had three women approach him, including one he eventually got engaged to.

What key advice would you give men?
Ask for help. It does not make you weak, it makes you wise. Practice self-awareness; meditate, keep a journal and connect with like-minded people. And of course, join #empowerMen.

What advice would you give women in terms of understanding men?
Read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, which is a great book that led me to launch #empowerMen. I would also recommend women check in with themselves to see how both their masculine and feminine energies are. I also work with women now on the energy healing side and eventually want to work with couples to create more conscious families.

How would you define empowerment?
To understand that we have all the answers within us and the power to access them.

Tell us about your e-book?
Mastering Your Instincts is a structured guidebook that helps men and women accelerate their results so they can live their life to the fullest potential. There are six chapters which are my six key principles to success, with a worksheet that has questions designed to help you reflect, and get clear on what action steps to take next in the journey of achieving all of your goals and dreams.

Tell us about your Akashic Records work?
The Akashic Records is a library of information of our souls that can be accessed by anyone through a process. You don’t have to be superhuman, you just need to learn the process.
As a master Reiki practitioner, I’ve had a lot of experience with healing, so this is an added tool I use to strengthen my own intuition and help others by offering them guidance. It’s a process by which I channel information through connecting with record keepers or spirit team of the soul. You can access information from the past, present or future and while in the records, you can also perform healing.

Also, tell us about your Reiki work?
Reiki is an energy healing modality performed hands-on or from a distance which came into existence through Mikao Usui in Japan. All of us have chi (life-force energy) that is in our body, and often due to stress our chakras are out of alignment. Reiki helps us come back into balance. I specialise in distance healing.

You help diverse people, but who do you go to for help?
I love this question. One of my favourite coaches, Rich Litvin says ‘you can only take your client as deep as you are willing to go yourself’ and I couldn’t agree more. I have been on an intense journey of healing myself and constantly enrol myself in courses to enhance my skills. I get regular Reiki, hypnotherapy and other healing done on me as well.

What advice would you give anyone going through a difficult time?
There is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you don’t see it. Breathe deeply, connect with your breath, understand you are alive and that is all that you need as proof to know that things will get better. If you have come this far, you will go further, have faith and trust in yourself.

And finally, what inspires you?
My community of men give me so much hope that there are good men in this world and that they will be amazing men in every role they adopt, be it a friend, brother, son, husband, father, grandfather, employee, boss, leader or anything else. And that
we will have conscious families driven by kings and queens, of course.

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