By Asjad Nazir

Having magnificently talented musical parents meant it was always inevitable that Noopsta pursued a career in singing. Real name Anoop Singh, the young son of popular artists Manj Musik and Nindy Kaur will take his first steps in music with the song You Can’t Stop This Party, which impressively features world-renowned rap talents Humble The Poet and Raftaar.

The confident 11-year-old from Canada has been surrounded by music and celebrities from an early age so is excited about following in the family tradition with a catchy song produced by his father and has high hopes for the future. Eastern Eye continues its decades-long tradition of featuring new stars before they go interstellar by catching up with Noopsta to talk about his catchy debut song, global music video, famous parents, music, superheroes and more.

When did you get connected to music?

I guess from the start when mum and dad started taking me to shows or I would sit in the studio while dada would make songs. I was always dancing to music in our house because all we had on was music 24/7.

What led you towards your first song?

I was doing a school project where I had to make something creative and decided to do a song with dada. Then they said why not do a music video too in the school. I loved the idea of getting all my friends in the video too, but didn’t know if the principal would let us. Mum and dad made sure it happened and the school was really happy to see me make a music video for the first time. I even had my friends, teacher and most of all, my favourite cousin Ajay in the video as my bodyguard. The song was called Bling Bling Mr Singh.

You debut single is You Can’t Stop This Party. Aren’t you too young for parties?

(Laughs) I love my parties! Which kid doesn’t like parties? Birthday parties, school parties or any sort of party. I love my birthday ones where mum and dad get me a huge bouncy castle when I can bounce, dance and play music all day. This song is for all those kids who love having parties at home with their mums and dads. I really wanted a superhero in my video but, better luck next time.

What was it like working with Humble The Poet, Raftaar and your famous father on the song?

Oh it was amazing! I love Humble chacha (uncle) he’s awesome, especially his rap in desi hip hop. Raftaar chacha or as I sometimes call him Raftaar paji (brother) is so much fun. I loved doing the video with him in Mumbai. Working with dad is always so cool because he makes it fun and not all serious. Dada always tells me to make my own melodies up and lyrics. Its hard, but I love it.

What is your dad like in the studio when he is creating a song?

When dad is in the studio he is a zombie! He is so focused on music and doesn’t realise what is going on around him. When I’m in the studio with him, he always asks me what do you think of this Noopy and I always tell him the truth if I like it or don’t. (Laughs) Sometimes he likes what I make in my bedroom and says, hmmm I’m gonna use that beat Noopy.

What was the best part about shooting the music video?

The best part was travelling across the globe with mum and dad. I love chilling with mummy and just talking about stuff. Mummy and I can talk for hours while dada sleeps on the planes. We have seen so many nice places; we shot the video in LA where I went to Universal Studios, South of France in Monte Carlo, Mumbai and in Toronto on our own street. It was so much fun having my friends on my street join and watch the video shoot.

Noopsta enjoys spending time with mum Nindy while traveling.

What do your friends think about you launching a music career?

They love it! (Laughs) They always say: “Oh look its bling bling Mr Singh.” I’m just another kid really and love playing with my friends, but I guess they think it’s really cool that I have parents who are so cool too.

Which of your parents is your favourite artist?

Oh that’s a really hard one. I like them both because I love dada and his hip hop beats and love mummy’s voice. My favourite is mummy voice especially when she was singing Simran; I love listening to that at night as it makes me really relaxed.

Which of your parents’ songs do you like the best?

I like dada’s Swag Mera Desi.

What are your parents like when they are not working?

They are really funny. They like to play with me and also like relaxing and enjoying their family together. Mummy likes to sit with me and watch TV and dada likes to watch YT with me.

Which other artists do you like?

I love Weekend and Future. I like some Justin Bieber songs like the one with DJ Khaled. I love trap music. I could listen to trap beats all day long and try to make my own songs over them.  I do this a lot.

Who would you love to sing a duet with?

Weekend for sure! He is just awesome. I know every lyric for every song (only the clean versions). Mum and dad don’t let me listen to the other versions.

Which is your favourite musical instrument?

Right now I am learning tabla in school and some keyboard/piano from dada at home. I love drums and making beats so I really want to master the tabla. Dada always tells me that tabla is the foundation for all.

You have met a lot of famous people but who has been your favourite?

Lebron James would be my favourite because I really like him as a basketball player and I also went to the game where I got to sit courtside. He’s really tall and is my favourite basketball player.

Which superhero would you most like to be?

Spiderman of course! He can stick to walls and can scare people by jumping off the ceiling and shooting his webs. So I could get around places by swinging and catch people with my web slinging abilities.

What music do you like listening to?

Trap music and hip hop music is my favourite, but I also listen to old skool garage, jungle and of course Punjabi music. My favourite is definitely trap music because the baselines are really heavy and I love them.

Are you ready to become famous?

I think I am because my dad has prepared me and I’ve already made two songs with him. Dad also taught me how to make music and sing. Mummy tells me always to be humble and polite no matter how famous I get and that I should always meet everyone the same and be a good person.

What is the Noopsta master plan?

(Laughs) To take over the world with my web slinging! I just want to make mummy and daddy proud at the same time. I love making music and playing superheroes with my friends. I’m just a kid with lots of hobbies.

Why should we get your latest song?

Because all the kids should love it and hopefully they will play and dance to the track. The beat is really catchy and it’s got my awesome chachas Humble and Raftaar on it too.

Why do you love music?

I love music because it brings out my creative side and makes me happy. I love listening to music so it gives me ideas to make my own beats. I have been listening to music since I was born.

Manj Musik on why Noopsta has a star quality

“To be honest he has just turned into such a funny outgoing personality so it only seems normal for him to be in the music industry. Everyone who meets him says he’s such a cool kid.

Manj wants Noopsta to be a role model for other kids.

“I think with all the music and industry around him, he’s become an industry kid. But regardless of this, Nindy and I want him to be part of our journey by knowing that fame is not the goal. The aim is to be a role model for other kids, especially Punjabi sardars who wear turbans – showing that keeping your turban can be cool.

“If we start to teach kids at early ages to be good, kind, positive humans then we will have a wonderful future. Nindy’s best quality has always been she is the most down-to-earth, humble individual I have ever met. Fame is not a word that sits in her vocabulary. I want Noopy to follow her footsteps in being a kind, beautiful, loving person and make his destiny by learning everything he can.

“He travels the world and his teachers say he has seen so much and is like a little adult in class sometimes. We thank god every day for giving us such a beautiful son. Thank God Waheguru!”

You Can’t Stop This Party by Noopsta Ft. Raftaar & Humble The Poet is out August 1. Follow Noopsta on Facebook and Instagram using the handle: @Noopsta.