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My top 10 celebrities to photograph – Prashant Samtani

IN FOCUS: Prashant Samtani
IN FOCUS: Prashant Samtani

“AS A photographer, I am able to capture a moment in time and some of those are magical. I have been fortunate enough to photograph a number of celebrities and they have always gifted me that magic. Here are 10 of my favourite stars to photograph.”

Arjun Bijlani: I have immense respect for him. Words are not enough to describe his qualities. One of the busiest and most talented actors on television, he rarely gets free from his busy schedule, but always gives us time. He always has a sharp image and is a natural in front of the camera. I would love to work with him always.

Shivangi Joshi: The most comfortable actor I have worked with till date. We have shot at least five times together. The best part is that we never have planned any shot. It’s always random and unplanned. Our combination has given all-time interesting clicks and she always has a powerful presence. While working with her, I feel the shoot shouldn’t stop.

Rohit Khandelwal: Asia’s first Mr World, Rohit Khandelwal is a very easy guy to work with. The talented model is professional, understanding and quick. We have done great, unplanned shoots together and he is someone who will surrender himself to the photographer’s vision. He always gives a great shot.

Mohsin Khan: The popular TV star is very easy and comfortable to shoot with. He doesn’t have any ego or attitude and follows what the photographers want to shoot. With his charming personality, cute face, perfect smile and great expressions, he adds so much liveliness to a shoot and gets the photographers to shoot accurately. I will always enjoy working with him.

Riya Sen: The very gorgeous and sensuous beauty is like a gift for any photographer. Her winning personality adds realism to an image and you need little else like lighting or any enhancements. I remember when we saw a very good natural lighting outdoors on the studio terrace as the day approached sunset and we got this great shot with her very spontaneous, yet sensuous look.

Siddharth Nigam: The best part about working with the young and fit actor is the way he carries himself. He is very much at ease, stylish, has the perfect physique, sharp features and piercing green eyes. Having worked with him for three years, I can say he has always been kind, friendly and professional. The results have always been great.

Mohena Kumari: A most joyful and realistic girl to work with. We had a superb time shooting together even though it was our first session and was wrapped up quickly. I remember we got a splendid shot when I saw some green grass steps in a hotel and asked her to pose impromptu. The result was electric. This is what photography is for me – unplanned and spontaneous things have always worked best.

Rohan Mehra: The good looking and talented actor has always been very friendly to work with. When we shoot, he feels like a family member whom I can not only guide, but also take suggestions from. I remember he always had this cute and clean-shaven look with colourful costumes, but we tried an unplanned concept with him having a beard and showcasing his body, which worked so well.

Ankita Lokhande: The very beautiful and talented actress has such a pretty and expressive face. I have always enjoyed shooting with her. Ankita is someone from whom you can get the perfect shot in just a moment, where she gives just one look or expression and it’s magical. She is such a natural that it adds soul, realism and expressiveness to an image.

Harsh Rajput: The green-eyed actor has such sharp features. We have done five shoots together, but it never feels like a photographer-model relation. He is a dear friend and very comfortable to shoot with. His eyes are a photographer’s delight. He has one of the most good-looking faces I have worked with till date. His has been one of the best portrait shots in my 10 years of photography. n Prashant Samtani is an acclaimed Mumbai based model and celebrity photographer.

Visit and Instagram: @prashantsamtaniphotography

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