My Playlist-Zameer Rizvi

Zameer Rizvi.
Zameer Rizvi.

SINGER, songwriter and musician Zameer Riz­vi has released acclaimed songs, along with delivering winning live performances. The multi-talented artist has been putting his life­long love of music to good use by hosting his global talk show Zamjamz on Rukus Avenue radio, which includes playing major hits and celebrating big-named artists. Eastern Eye got Zameer to select 10 songs he loves.

Drops of Jupiter by Train: I love the imagery in this song with the singer referring to his girl’s travel through space. I love how the song ties together travelling through the Milky Way while doing yoga.

I Was Brought To My Senses by Sting: What I really like about this song is the whacky time signature toggling between 4/4 and 7/8, but executed masterfully, so the listener doesn’t even realise it.

Burden In My Hand by Chris Cornell: The simplicity of the guitar and complexity of Chris’ raging passionate vocals drive this song straight to my top 10.

Manwa Re by Noori: A super simple song packed with a feel-good melody. Songs like these are released rarely so they are a treat.

#41 by Dave Matthews Band: While this song is gorgeous, what really sets it over the top for me is Carter’s (Beauford) incredible drum­ming in the number.

Blackbird by The Beatles: I love the guitar work on this song from John Lennon and Paul Mc­Cartney, and the imagery of the lyrics.

Through My Door by Ali Amjad Rizvi: The western guitar work melted with eastern vocal melodies exemplify the unity our world needs right now.

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz: This is another feel-good classic tune written by a humble songwriter.

Realize by Colbie Caillat: I love the way Colbie uses her honey-soaked voice to ease listeners into her passionately delivered message that gets me every time.

High by Hussain Rizvi: A splendid song about being high on life and transcending space time, overlaid by a gorgeous epic melody. Hits the spot.

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