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Metz and Trix: The right state of flow



TODAY there are a lot of rap talents sparking up south Asian songs around the world and most have followed in the giant footsteps of Metz and Trix.

The dynamic Manchester-based duo have been lighting up tracks since their terrific 2001 album Danger ignited a new era in commercial Asian music. They recently released the song Shaadi Kar and have been entertaining listeners with their podcast State Of Flow. With more songs and podcast episodes on the way, it looks like 2022 will be another action-packed year for them.

Eastern Eye caught up with the great British music duo for a quick catch-up about their trailblazing career and high-energy podcast.

How do you look back on your long musical partnership?
Metz: With great pride and joy. It’s been a fantastic journey in the past two decades, to record music and perform around the world. Many acts and people don’t really stay together or only have one hit, but for Trix and I, it feels like it has just got better and better as the years have gone by. Most of all, I’m proud of what we have achieved in the music industry against our name and how we have opened doors for so many.
Trix: It’s been an incredible journey and a great honour to be part of an historic time in music, which has been up and down like a rollercoaster ride.


How do you feel about being pathbreakers?
Trix: It feels great to be pathbreaking artists and is truly an honour. It has been humbling and great to see so many artists whom we have inspired. We will continue to break more ground.

What has stopped you both from fighting or falling out?
Metz: To be honest, when we were young especially, we used to fall out and fight all the time. We would go home, have a smoke (back then), phone each other the next day, say sorry and get on with it. We used to do this all the time. (Laughs) I would say nothing much has changed.
Trix: (Laughs) Correct!

What led to the podcast?
Trix: We just felt it was the right time to branch into the podcast space. It just felt like a natural progression for me and Metz to do.

Tell us about the podcast? 
Trix: The podcast is called State Of Flow. We discuss the current trending topics along with relevant, and sometimes irrelevant, matters (laughs), within all areas of life.

What has the experience been like of recording a podcast?
Metz: To be honest, Trix had the idea to do a podcast for a long time and I just helped set it up and got it going. He had a vision that we should have our podcast and just talk about stuff that’s currently out there, not just music. It wasn’t that hard to set up. It’s the technical stuff and video side you really need to be aware of and, of course, if you don’t have a subject to discuss it’s going to be very boring.
Trix: It’s quite a funny story; to be honest, it’s not been as easy as we thought it would be. We started off pretty slow. It was weird getting used to the recording process at first, but the more we record, the better each episode gets.
Metz: We always try to speak about what’s currently going on. Not just about us and our music careers.


What has been your own most memorable moment from the podcast?
Metz: They have all been great and I see this growing into a great podcast. The most memorable one was episode 10. For me, it was a great milestone. Go check it out, it’s so funny.
Trix: I think the most memorable so far has to be setting up the podcast studio and cameras ourselves and pressing record. You just don’t know how it’s going to be until you get your hands dirty yourself.
Metz: (Laughs) Especially, if you haven’t had much sleep the night before.

What is the plan for the podcast?
Metz: We just want to keep recording and keep growing our audience. That’s the plan really. We will be introducing guests at the show in 2022.

Who would you love to interview?
Trix: At the moment, we have not had any interviews on the pod, but I think when we do have guests on, there are many people we would like to interview. Off the top of my head right now, it would be Panjabi MC.
Metz: I have a huge list when it comes to this question. I would really like to interview young entrepreneurs and artists, so they can share their knowledge. In terms of music or a celebrity, I would love to interview Nora Fatehi and DJ Khalid. Both are interesting people from different sides of the world but share a middle eastern connection – Morocco and Palestine. What do you think? Can you make it happen, Asjad?

Musically, what can we expect next?
Metz: Musically please check out our new single Shaadi Kar. It’s a very energetic, great song, and the lyrics and rap are bouncy! It’ll be rocking this next year, trust me! Also, we have got some banging Punjabi garage tunes coming in 2022.

Why should we tune into your podcast?
Metz: Because you have supported us this long, why not switch it up and listen to the coolest podcast in the world! It’s not that deep! All love!
Trix: It’s simply the coolest podcast out there. It’s funny and  real as they come, raw with no filters, so you will get the most authentic show.

Visit Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook: @ metzntrix, and Tik Tok: @metzandtrix

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