EVER since popular stars Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married, they have become the bright couple that has been setting relation­ship goals for others to follow.

The two acclaimed actors have been inseparable since tying the knot and shown repeatedly just how much they love each other. They have also skilfully balanced their personal and professional lives in such a way that they have inspired other couples or those looking to get into a meaningful relationship.

Eastern Eye caught up with Bipasha and Karan in one of their most open interviews yet to talk about love, mar­riage, romance, their relationship secrets and more…

What did you like about one another initially and what has become your favourite quality since?

Karan: What I liked about Bipasha the most initially is that she is very disci­plined and punctual about everything in life. What has become my most fa­vourite quality since then is that she is a perfectionist and it comes to her very easily, just like breathing. That is some­thing I strive to be like, but I am not re­ally getting there yet.

Bipasha: In these days of finding men who are very egotistic, Karan was a re­freshing change when I met him. He didn’t have this man/woman divide. And according to him, women are su­perior and men can never match up.

So I liked his philosophy from day one, and knowing him it has only be­come deeper because he really respects women. He believes in equality and that two genders need to work together to make a beautiful relationship. He helps me in every possible way at home or when we go out. He gives respect, is courteous and very chivalrous at a time when chivalry is completely lost.

When did you know that Karan was the one?

Bipasha: Our relationship evolved very beautifully. There were a lot of dramat­ic turns where we decided not to talk or meet. We disconnected because our lives were very different at that point of time. But whatever happened and however hard we tried staying away from each other, destiny got us back to­gether. Our relationship beautifully blossomed day by day because we were close friends.

We never put our best foot forward and were completely real with each other right from day one. It felt com­fortable and I can’t say when exactly I got to know Karan was the one. I just knew as we spent more and more time together, I could not live without Karan in my life so we had a romantic court­ship period.

How did he propose?

Bipasha: Well, his proposal was quite unexpected. We had gone to celebrate New Year in Koh Samui. (Laughs) Actu­ally we had a huge fight on December 31 over something small and I was very grumpy. New year was approaching and we decided to step out. I decided not to dress up at all!

We went out and as the clock struck midnight, the sky was lit up with fire­works, which is one of my favourite things. I was recording everything, in­cluding us, because by that time I had completely forgotten we had a fight. It was funny because accidently I record­ed his proposal.

How did that happen?

Bipasha: He brought in the ring while I was shooting the selfie video. (Laughs) I had the weirdest expres­sion on my face that has been captured for good. It was very unexpected and I took a lot of time on that particular day to finally say okay.

For half an hour, I was completely shocked. It took me long to say okay because I was asking: ‘Why do you want to marry me?’ I am so old and fat. I had lots of stupid questions, but it was one of the most romantic things he has ever done and so beautiful.

Were you nervous when you proposed?

Karan: I was very nervous when I proposed. But it all worked out well, so that’s a good thing. I actually didn’t know what would have happened if she had said no; I didn’t really think of that option.

Looking back, what are your fondest memories from the wedding?

Karan: I think my fondest memories are the ones where we did all the small rituals that we were sup­posed to do, and how the family played their part and organised everything so perfectly. Just the hap­piness on her face, everything we did, and every moment is something I remember very fondly.

Bipasha: The entire wedding was special because we didn’t have a wedding planner on board. Each and every detail was planned by us both, whether it was the quirky wedding invitations, cake, flowers, food, guest list and everything else.

I can’t pinpoint one thing as all of it was beautiful. It’s not about looking good but feeling so fulfilled that you did it all with the partner you are so in love with.

How have you changed since getting married?

Bipasha: I don’t think I have changed at all. I have to share my bed with my husband but besides that I have not changed as a person much, maybe instead of thinking of myself I think of us as one unit now.

Who is the most romantic?

Bipasha: Hands down, Karan is more romantic. He is a Piscean and I am a Capricorn. He is the dreamer and I am the practical person, so it’s him all the way.

Karan: I would say I am a little more romantic. But she is more practical and better at everything else.

Tell us a romantic thing Karan has done for you…

Bipasha: Karan does romantic things every day. He writes beautiful songs and poetry. He buys my fa­vourite flowers, massages my feet when I am tired, and more. He is so wonderful!

You both seem inseparable; what is the secret of your special bond?

Karan: We do seem inseparable, because that’s true. We are insepa­rable because I never want to leave her side and she feels the same way. I think I am a little clingier and needier. I don’t really like being without her at all.

I am always stuck to her. But I think she likes it, so that’s a good thing. We are just very honest about what we feel. We leave it all out there in the open from the beginning. That’s probably our secret.

Do you ever ask each other for professional ad­vice or do you not talk about work?

Karan: We do ask each other for advice on profes­sional work. Earlier she was a separate entity and now that we are together, we function as one unit, like a home team. So whatever work is coming is coming to our home.

We always ask each other‘s view and she is great at giving awesome advice to me and our friends. It’s like having a secret weapon or super-power. I am al­so quite good at giving advice, so that also helps.

Will you both work with each other in a professional space again?

Bipasha: Yes, very soon. We will be doing ads and events, and films together are very probable.

How much does being fitness fanatics connect you?

Karan: We have fitness as a lifestyle. It helps people connect a lot, especially couples. We both believe being fit means a healthy lifestyle and also that you love and respect yourself by giving that time to be a better you. If you and your partner are in that thought-process, it always helps.

We believe that love starts with oneself. We both motivate each other. It’s required, sometimes she needs it or I need it. We both take turns to motivate each other. We are in this together.

Do you work-out together?

Bipasha: We are fitness enthusiasts who believe in loving and respecting our bodies and love to work-out together. I think that is one of the most amazing things as a couple you can do. That you can spend quality time loving your body, loving yourself, with your partner and encouraging the other. We give the other energy when their energy levels are down.

We are in sync most of the time. I think this is one of the things couples should do, find some time to do a physical activity together. It is like a bonding ritual. It’s always fun exercising with him because even though I am seriously working out, he will come over between his sets to give me a peck or a wink. So there is a little romantic play that keeps go­ing on when we work-out together.

Can you give us some key fitness tips?

Karan: One fitness tip is to try new things. Don’t get stuck with one kind of work-out. If you’ve not been working out for a very long time, and even if you have, stagnation is something that comes when we stop learning. When we learn new things, our mind and body is excited. You want to do something bet­ter because you just learnt it and it is difficult. Later, your mind and body gets used to it.

I believe the first thing is to keep trying to learn new things and incorporate it in your work-out. The second thing is to make sure you make some time for it. I can give 500 million excuses for not having the time and energy to work-out. They are all false. If you are making those excuses, you know in your head that you can work around it.

Has Karan ever cooked for you and what are his cooking skills like?

Bipasha: He has made eggs and all for me, but not really cooked for me. I hear he has a hotel management background so his cooking skills are good.

What is your tip to help keep romance alive?

Karan: My tip for keeping the romance alive is to pay attention to each other, to yourselves and what the other person requires at that time. Romance is some­thing that is proba­bly a little limited in our heads.

We don’t under­stand it completely. To be able to give your partner what they require at that time, and some­times more than what they require is romance. Go ahead and don’t hold yourself back.

Bipasha: Honestly, there is no par­ticular tip you can tell anyone to keep the romance alive. There is one key thing. If you love and re­spect your partner, your romance will be alive because everyone’s lives goes through ups and downs, turbulences, difficult times, good times. I believe if you have love that exists, your romance is bound to stay alive.

What advice would you give to all hus­bands out there?

Karan: The advice I would give husbands out there is to be thankful and grateful for your wives. Understand that they are capable and willing to do much more than we can think of. They put all their effort into every­thing and make it look easy. That’s some­thing to be grateful for.

You have one superhuman looking after you and your needs all the time. All we need to do is try and help a little maybe. Or just be grateful if you can’t help. Sometimes you feel that what she is doing is not enough, is little or you could do it. If you could, you would. But you don’t. So be supportive. Try and do more than what you do right now.

How do you get around disagreements?

Karan: This is very simple actually. Well, we don’t disagree on too many things. She is somebody who is right about everything. Basically, I come around and understand her perception and point of view. It takes me some time. We disagree on things but eventually we come around because I understand things from a higher point of view, which is hers, so that’s how.

Bipasha: The best part about Karan is that he is sen­sitive and communicative, unlike other men when­ever there is a disagreement, which we have quite a bit because we are two strong-minded individuals. We communicate, come to mid-ground and listen to and respect each other. It’s peaceful after the disa­greement once we have communicated.

Tell us something about your bond with Bipasha that not many know…

Karan: There is nothing that people don’t know about my bond with Bipa­sha. She gives me the love of every re­lationship that one can have in life, as family, as a best friend, as a partner, as a lover and as a companion. That is something to be cher­ished for life, be proud of and not hide. It is beauti­ful. It makes love more than just a word.

Yours is a great love story, but what is your fa­vourite cinematic love story?

Bipasha: I am a total romantic and there are many films I truly love. I enjoy stories like The Notebook because they are about passion, love, understand­ing and having beautiful feelings for each other.

Karan: I believe ours is a great love story too! I saw The Notebook because of Bipasha and think it’s a beautiful film. I love La La Land, even though those guys don’t end up together. It just shows us another facet of love and how it drives you.

What inspires you?

Bipasha: Life inspires me. The fact I am alive and everyday you get to live and get to meet amazing people, see incredible places and taste great food. So I am always excited and inspired by the little things in life and that is who I am and have been forever. In short, life inspires me all the time.

Karan: I am an artist in every form of the word. I do a lot of paintings, song-writing and singing. I try to find inspiration and get inspiration in everything. It could be nature, birds flying, the sounds of water waves and sometimes just looking at Bipasha, and imagining she is walking in slow-motion, looking so hot.

So anything can in­spire me. I find inspi­ration in almost eve­rything in life. I think that it’s a nice way to be.