Kangana Ranaut recollects she ran from home at the age of 15-16, became a star & a drug addict

Instagram: Team Kangana Ranaut
Instagram: Team Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is surely one actress who doesn’t hesitate while telling the truth. Nowadays, the actress is in her hometown and her team has been sharing videos of her from there.

Recently, a video of Kangana was shared by her team in which she is talking about her bad days. Her team captioned the video as, “Navratri – Day 5! #KanganaRanaut talks about the time when she couldn’t close her eyes because tears won’t stop.”


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#KanganaRanaut talks about the time when she couldn’t close her eyes because tears won’t stop. 🙏🙏

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In the video, Kangana says, “This time is not bad time; do not think of it like that. Bad times are actually good times. Friends, I was 15 or 16 when I ran away from my house, and I used to feel like I could grab the stars with my hands. After I left my house, I was a film star and a drug addict within one and a half to two years of it. My life was so messed up, I was with certain types of people from whom only death could have saved me. All of this happened in my life only at the time when I was only a teenager.”

She also revealed how once a friend told her to do Yoga and meditate, but she couldn’t close her eyes as she used to start crying. “At the moment a very good friend came into my life who introduced me to Yoga and gave me a book Rajayoga which have very good processes. After that I took Swami Vivekanand as my guru and under his guidance I groomed myself a lot,” the actress added.

Coming to Kangana’s films, the actress has movies like Thalaivi, Dhaakad, and Teja in her kitty.