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“Indian-Americans have enriched American art and culture”, says congressman Schweikert

Congressman David Schweikert says the role of Indian-Americans in the US has been profound
Congressman David Schweikert says the role of Indian-Americans in the US has been profound

Indian-Americans have made enormous contribution to the US in the fields of art and culture and their role in the government is “profound”, a top lawmaker here has said ahead of prime minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with the influential Indian diaspora.

“There is much to celebrate in our country’s relationship with India, the world’s largest democracy, and in the enormous contributions that Indian-Americans make in our country,” said Congressman David Schweikert.

“The role of Indian-Americans in government is profound,” Schweikert said.

According to the Census Bureau, there are about four million Indian-Americans in the US.

And according to the Congressional Research Service, the US-India relations are critical to both the countries as the annual bilateral trade is expected to reach $500 billion by 2024, a five-fold increase since 2013.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on Thursday, the Arizona lawmaker praised the community saying in 2010 Pew Research Centre, a non-partisan think tank, reported that more than 87 per cent of adult Indian-Americans were foreign-born and they were highly educated and successful.

He narrated several examples of the success achieved by community members.

In recent months, former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, was appointed the ambassador to the UN; Ajit Pai was made chairman of the Federal Communications Commission; Seema Verma was named administrator of the Centre for Medicaid and Medicare Services; four Indian Americans took their seats in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate; and many more serve in state legislatures, local governments, the judicial branch and beyond, he said.

“Indian-Americans have deeply enriched our nation’s arts and culture, and the Indian media in the US is surging to meet demand. Cable, satellite and radio offer a growing array of Hindu and Indian content,” the Congressman said.

“Politically and militarily, our two countries are united in a commitment to fight terrorism and promote world peace.

Last year, the US and India signed a historic defence agreement that paves the way for greater strategic and regional cooperation,” Schweikert said.

Prime minister Modi is to interact with Indian-Americans in Washington DC suburb of Virginia later tonight. The event is expected to be attended by 600 members from the community.

US president Donald Trump will host Modi at the White House tomorrow and the two leaders would spend about five hours together in various settings beginning with their bilateral discussion, delegation level talks, and a working dinner, the first of its kind hosted by this administration.