TALENTED newcomer Hitha wanted to give young people a voice and made that happen with her recently released song Special.

The 14-year-old, based in San Ramon, California, sees the uplifting pop number as a dedication to anyone special in someone’s life, from friends to relatives, who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve.

It also conveys a message to teens that their opinions matter. The follow up to her debut song Standing Up With Pride has received a positive response.

Eastern Eye caught up with multi-talented teenager Hitha to talk about music, her new single and plans for the future.

What first connected you to music?
I started singing Indian classical when I was four. It helped me with many vocal/technical attributes and made me realise that music is my passion. Basically, it gave me the foundation to build my music future on.

Tell us, who have been your biggest musical influences?
There are many. When I was younger, I used to sing Indian classical songs along with my grandmother. She is the biggest influence on my life. Also, I got inspired by Emma Watson and Taylor Swift as they started their career very young, and still manage to stay relevant in the industry.

What led to your single Special?
A lot of times, pop songs are focused on romantic relationships and overlook all the other possible relationships. However, my song Special is about any person that you care for. I sang this song for my grandmother. She was very important to me.

Tell us more about the song?
Special is about a special person in your life. This song is dedicated to that person. Also, we have tried to blend melodies, emotion, poetry and unique instruments. So we have used the saxophone and flute; instruments that give richness and purity to this song. The flute is especially close to my background of traditional Indian classical music.

Will this be the kind of music you want to make?
I want to experiment and make all kinds of music. Also, I love to inspire and help people through my music. For example, my next single Independent reinforces the importance of being strong, positive and independent in life when going through rough times.

How did you feel when the song was finished and you heard it?
I was very happy. It is pure magic listening to the sax and flute together.

Who are you hoping connects with the song?
Everyone, as all can connect to that special person in their life.

Tell us, what is your biggest ambition in music?
My dream is to inspire people and make them smile when they are having a bad day. Also, the majority of my fans are teenagers. The teenage years are overwhelming and stressful. I try to inspire young people with my music and want to let them know that by focusing on what they want to achieve in life and with a positive mentality, they can overcome any hurdle. I would like to be seen as an artist who is out there to give the young a voice.

What else can we expect from you?
It feels great about releasing my own music and I will keep writing and creating more music. I’m also planning on collaborating with other artists.

Who is your musical hero?
As I mentioned before, I’m inspired and influenced by many. Some of them are MS Subbalakshmi and Taylor Swift. I really like when people convert their hardships and negative experiences in life into positivity.

Tell us, what music dominates your personal playlist?
Mostly upbeat pop songs, a few ballads, new music and also world music. In future, I will be experimenting more to fuse world music with pop.

What inspires you as an artist?
Everyday life. I get inspired by daily things that happen to people and by those who find great things in life through their struggles.

Why do you love music?
I can explain my emotions better through music. Everyone can relate to it no matter where they are. It’s a global language. It’s a great platform to inspire teens.

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