Gujarati businessman kidnapped in Mozambique

Indian businessman and philanthropist Rizwan Adatia (Photo: Twitter)
Indian businessman and philanthropist Rizwan Adatia (Photo: Twitter)

Gujarati businessman and philanthropist Rizwan Adatia was kidnapped in Africa’s Mozambique on April 30.  According to police, the car in which Adatia was travelling was found abandoned. The case is being investigated by the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC).

Porbandar-native Adatia chairs the COGEF group which presents itself as the owner of 35 wholesale supermarkets (cash & carry), 190 stores, four manufacturing units and employing more than 3,500 people in nine African countries.

The non-profit Rizwan Adatia Foundation focuses on reducing inequality in education, health and economic development in communities in Asia and Africa. Through 18 strategic partnerships, the  Foundation has helped 740,700 people so far.

Indian High Commission in Mozambique has said that authorities are taking action in the matter.

Adatia’s kidnapping is the fourth confirmed and under investigation in the country by Mozambican authorities in 2020.

In early April, the police detained five people suspected of involvement in other previous kidnapping crimes in Maputo and Inhambane provinces.