(From left) Asjad Nazir, Dean Anastos and Max Garza III in Los Angeles

A BRAND-NEW PLATFORM launched out of America is about to shake up the global movie
and television industry.

Masterminded by Max Garza III and Dean Anastos, Dionysus is a revolutionary blockchain
platform that will allow investors all over the world to be part of film and TV as well as give
creative talent an opportunity to submit ideas that can be funded or elevated further.

The ambitious venture from the big-thinking duo which was launched at a high-profile party
in Los Angeles last week has attracted interest and investment globally along with leading
names from Hollywood being signed on to make big projects.

“Dionysus as a project is global in every respect and users from every corner of the earth
would be able to invest in the next big star, film or support a project from an unknown writer. Or a creative talent can find a home for a project looking for investment,” said Anastos.

The ambitious blockchain plan will not only make it easier for filmmakers to get funding, but will also open up new territories by kickstarting the movie industry in countries that currently don’t have one.

Aside from fully funding projects, they are also doing gap financing, connecting global talent and offering up development funds. The new trailblazer in the crypto-currency revolution also has various other ventures on the way in diverse fields, but it is the movies where they look like being game-changers.

“The movie industry has been lacking massive liquidity for decades now. Blockchain technology and digital currency will allow creative talent to use massive liquidity sources globally and give the world magic in a whole new digital era,” explained Garza.

The Dionysus team has developed an inventive investment buckets system for development and a financing system that will change the way producers think in the future along with offering transparency with smart contracts.

India and Pakistan are very much on the radar for Dionysus, and the project has already begun to connect with creative talent from the two countries.

“Pakistan and India may have prolific film industries, but they are sleeping giants who still
haven’t reached their global potential. With Dionysus we are hoping the incredible talent in both countries reaches the global audiences it deserves,” Anastos explained.

Their first venture, ICO Whales, is in tune with the global ambition because it is a Dragons’ Denstyle reality TV show, where they offer eye-wateringly large sums to budding entrepreneurs with business ideas.

By shaking up the movie industry, blockchain and the crypto community, the two disruptors
are laying the foundation for a real change, but more importantly, opening a door for new talent that wasn’t there before.

“It is time for a real change, which is in tune with the new era we are entering,” said Garza.