Fan Club Of The Week

Popular actress Niti Taylor has some of the most dedicated fans online. India-based Silky, Sharon and Sheetal run one of the many fan clubs dedicated to the small screen star. 

What made you set up the fan club?  

We have seen Niti Taylor in many shows, but it was with Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan that we started following her religiously. Never in our dreams did we think we would start a fan club, but there was a phase when there was lot of negativity on social media and it was then that we thought of starting it. It’s dedicated to spreading positivity and happi-ness for Niti and her fans. 

Tell us about your fan club. 

It is for all Niti Taylor fans. We try to update everything about Niti and bring smiles, maintain a healthy social media environment and en-tertain followers. 

What has been your most memora-ble moment? 

The day Niti followed us on Instagram within two months of us starting this fan club. We got so much love from Niti and fellow Ni-tians. All the moments when she is acknowledged and appreciated are memorable along with days we can bring a smile to her face. 

What is the best thing about Niti? 

She is a fine, hardworking and dedi-cated actor and a true inspiration. Niti puts her heart into whatever she does. She is amazing and her smile is contagious. She is an angel with the purest soul. Her happy, glowing face makes our day. Her love for her fans is what makes her different. She goes all out by answering questions, responding to tweets, giving advice and listening to our problems. She is a people person. 

What is your favourite work that Niti has done? 

We love all her work and have seen everything. But if we had to choose, it would be Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. She played all shades of drama in it and explored a range of emotions. Our love for her has never faltered since then. We literally cry when she cries in a scene. We will always support her in whatever she does. 

Tell us an interesting fact about Niti.  

One of the most interesting things about her is her simplicity and how her every action reminds us of any other normal girl. She is truly a blessed artist who can act wonder-fully, dance gracefully, sing sweetly and even manage to do house-work such as cooking. She is so genuine and spreads love everywhere. We love her for who she is. 

What is your definition of a true fan? 

A true fan is one who loves and believes in a person unconditionally. True fans are passionate and will sup-port through thick and thin. As we say, hand in hand Fan-mily till the end.