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Fan Club Of The Week

TALENTED actor Aham Sharma has won over fans with his versatile performances. A popular fan club founded by Apurva on Twitter is run by a united group of Aham well-wishers, including Sukanya. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more…

What made you set up the fan club?

When Aham Sharma featured in his first episode of Mahabharat as Karna, it was a rage among fans! His entry scene garnered appreciation from everyone. That moment we decided to set up a fan club for him, so fans could join in, discuss and showcase their love.

Tell us about your fan club?

It was set up before Aham joined Twitter and was shooting for Mahabharata. It is solely dedicated to help Aham’s fans appreciate and follow his work. We post regular updates featuring his latest shows, videos, articles, interviews and pictures. Apart from this, we also motivate fans to actively participate in online polls.

What has been your memorable moment?

When Aham was admirably recognised for his iconic role as Karna with his first award. The way every member of this fan club have given their time to make it grow, cast votes in polls, support Aham and show their appreciation has also been memorable.

What is the best thing you like about Aham?

That he is very dedicated to his work and a thorough professional. Despite reaching such great heights, he manages to remain grounded and is very kind and honest with fans. He never sees us as fans but his friends. Being a genuinely hard-working person, he has inspired many to work hard to achieve their dreams.

What is your favourite work Aham has done?

All of his work has been great. He has put in a lot of effort and passion for characters he has played. His portrayal of brooding, intense character Arjun Mehra in Dosti, Yariyaan, Manmarzian is remembered by fans. Rishabh in Brahmarakshas was a total contrast and he pulled it off with great ease. We know he’ll continue doing his best and making us proud.

Tell us an interesting fact about Aham…

His passion for physical fitness is immense. Over the years we have seen remarkable improvements in his fitness and he picked up basic gymnastic skills which have helped him to be agile and flexible. This has helped him to be a wonderful dancer as well.

What is your definition of a true fan?

A true fan is a loyal and true friend who supports their favourite in whatever work they do. They show great love, give honest feedback while respecting and appreciating their work. We are happy to have brought together his global fan base under one umbrella. His work and personality have endeared him to millions and we are happy to contribute towards his growing popularity.