Dynamic book is an inspiring guide towards making a positive change


FROM the striking title to the featured Malala Yousafzai quote, “everyone who wants to contribute to a better future can learn from Amika’s book”, this compelling read delivers exactly what it promises on the cover.

The young British activist has achieved a lot at a remarkably young age and poured those inspiring experiences into a delightful dynamic debut book, which offers a very real view of the world we live in and motivates the reader to become a part of a positive change.

The multi-layered book is a step-by-step guide on how to make a positive difference, from choosing a cause you believe in to finding your crowd, spreading the word and setting goals to prioritising you. Also, how to get those in power to listen and making use of resources like social media to your advantage.

Inspiring words on how to make a change in society are mixed up with compelling thoughts which will make you look at issues that would perhaps be taken for granted in a new way. There is also a spotlight on leading women, who have made a difference in their own right.

Although it may seem like a feminist book or something for ‘tree-huggers’, it is a lot more weighted than that and is a powerful tool for any gender or age wanting to make a better world.

The accomplished writing style and neatly divided sections make this an engaging read that is not only surprising and inspiring but one that stimulates the mind to the extent that you think about it long afterwards.

Everything about the book is believable and the only thing that isn’t is the fact that the supremely gifted Amika George is just 21 years old (yes, you read that right). The young writer offers wisdom more associated with someone three times her age, but she does it in such a relatable way that all generations will take something away from this special book. That is why it gets a perfect five.


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