Deepika Padukone in her own words

Deepika Padukone (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Kering)
Deepika Padukone (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Kering)

POPULAR actress Deepika Padukone has inspired many with her remarkable rise to the very top and will, not surprisingly, be flooded with warm wishes from around the world for her birthday on January 5.

To mark the current Bollywood queen turning a year older and celebrating her 33rd birthday, Eastern Eye went through her interviews to find some inspiring quotes she has given, which will bring positivity into your life and help 2019 get started in an uplifting way.

  • Someone said recently, ‘women don’t have to find their voice, they always had a voice. They just need to feel empowered to use it and use it in the right way.’ And I completely agree with that. t You know when I look at where I am today I feel like I have really learned a lot along the way.
  • Giving up has never been an option for me. I don’t think I have ever been through that feeling. I don’t deny that there were moments of weakness and vulnerability, but I don’t think any sort of failure or negativity has led me to want to give up.
  • As a child and even today, I have never had any issues with acknowledging my weaknesses, with saying sorry if I know I’ve done something wrong or with just being vulnerable or accepting if you’ve made a mistake sometimes. But when you know you’ve done something right, there is nothing to fear.
  • I do not see staying in shape as a burden. For me, exercise is part of my lifestyle. When I exercise I feel good. I feel refreshed and stronger. I think it’s important to stay healthy.
  • It is important sometimes to look back and appreciate some things you have done and pat yourself on the back, though still move forward.
  • There is nothing more satisfying when I’m sitting around with my relatives and family or friends, and then someone remarks, “you haven’t changed one bit. You are exactly the same”.
  • Depression has taught me that life is fragile. So I value my time with my family and loved ones.
  • Today I know that wherever I might go in the world, people might look at me as someone who has experienced depression. I feel liberated and free. I don’t feel caged anymore or like I’m hiding something.
  • I hope together we create an environment where people afflicted with mental illnesses feel comfortable, safe and loved.
  • I think it is extremely important for those who are in positions of influence or power to bring about social change. It is extremely important for them to speak up about whatever issue it might be.
  • I myself have been through certain experiences in the past, and it has taught me that life is fragile. Anything can happen to anyone.