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Suella Braverman


PERHAPS the very biggest call on Suella Braverman’s career is about to come.

With the outcome of the police investigation into alleged lockdown parties during Covid regulations still awaited at the time of going to press, many already feel they know how the government’s top lawyer will respond if her boss is slapped with a fixed penalty notice.

Prime minister Boris Johnson will take it on the chin and move on and Braverman is more than likely to argue that is the end of the matter and we all need to focus on important issues like Ukraine. She pretty much said as much in response to a question from Labour MP Rupa Huq in early February in the House of Commons, asking what might happen if members of the government were discovered to have have broken the government’s own Covid regulations.

Braverman said: “I would say that fundamental to the rule of law is also democracy – I’m very proud to be supporting the prime minister, a prime minister who’s honoured democracy by delivering Brexit.”

In other words, end of, and move on. Much of the media has speculated that this is what will happen if Johnson is found to have broken rules and is issued with a fine. He will just carry on and it seems very likely that the Cabinet will support him and talk about the Ukraine crisis to deflect any further scrutiny.

Her populist leanings and views on Brexit, the legal profession, and on education, have put her at loggerheads with what her ardent supporters would dub, the liberal establishment. The media narrative might be of a combative populist politician, but in person, she is very polite, friendly and expansive, especially about family and her formative years – as the GG2 Power List found her back in

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