5 Types of Travel and Tourism of Incredible India

1] Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is traveling to another country for medical care, most often is for surgeries or travel for dental tourism. India is one of the most important health tourism and medical tourism travel destination worldwide. There are several hospitals provide medical tourism services in India such as Apollo Hospitals,Fortis Healthcare and Murugan Hospitals Chennai.

2] Wildlife Tourism 

Wildlife Tourism is one of the popular type of travel and tourism of Incredible India, Its the best way to interact with wild animal and plant life in natural habitats. Wildlife tourism is an important part of the tourism in India and closely related to eco tourism and sustainable tourism. There are 166 national parks in India and 543 wildlife sanctuaries, home to rare and unique wild animals such as Bengal Tiger, Gujarat lion,Black panther, Leopard, Indian rhinoceros,Wild water buffalo,saltwater crocodile and King Cobra.

3] Eco Tourism

Ecotourism in India involves exploring natural places and travel to natural areas and environment. Thenmala is the first ecotourism destination in India and best way to tour for witnessing the flora and fauna of India. Eco Tourism place of India are Kerala Backwaters,National Parks, Sunderbans Mangroves, Majuli island,Ladakh Himalayas, Valley of Flowers and unexplored paradise in the northeast India.

4] Spiritual Tourism

Spiritual Tourism concept in India is a type of cultural tourism that involves visiting spiritual and religious places across the country. India is home to a rich culture, legacy and temples, offers best spiritual tourism in the world. Most famous places and temples for spiritual tourism in India includes Varanasi, Rishikesh, Dwarka and most famous Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu such as Meenakshi Amman Temple, Brihadisvara Temple Thanjavur and Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram.

5] Heritage Tourism

Heritage and Historical Tourism is a branch of Incredible India Tourism towards heritage, historic and culture. Heritage tourism in India involves visiting historical sites such as Taj Mahal, Hampi Monuments,Khajuraho Group of Monuments,Hill forts of Rajasthan and Ajanta Ellora Caves.