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5 Best Movies based on Journalists and Media

1] Page 3 

This movie is based on a journalist working for a tabloid frequently visits high society parties and discovers the superficial and dual lives of celebrities and the hypocrisy and insecurities they live with.

2] Peepli Live

Peepli Live is a 2010 Indian satirical comedy film that explores the topic of “farmer suicides” and the subsequent media and political response.

Natha decides to commit suicide to get the farmers’ compensation. However, the media and politicians learn about his intentions and descend on their village to capture the rare event.

3] Dil se

Program executive for All India Radio (Journalist) Amar falls for a mysterious woman on assignment but she does not reciprocate his feelings. Later, when Amar is about to get married, the woman shows up at his doorstep asking for help. This movie is filled it thrill and suspense.

4] No One Killed Jessica

This film is based on the Jessica Lal murder case. A journalist, who is more of an activist teams up with the sister of a murdered model, as she gets interested in the case and wants to bring justice to her case.

Jessica Lall, a Delhi-based model, is shot dead by the son of a wealthy politician. Journalist Meera sets out to expose the corrupt system and the culprit responsible for her murder.

5] Rann

It’s the story featuring real issues based on fictional situations, about real people using fictional names and co-incidentally intentional!

The film looks at the corruption of television news. How the maddening race for TRPs forces news channels to compromise journalistic ethics, resort to sensationalism, and convert news into the worst kind.