US Indian gunman was working off “kill list”

Indian gunman had kill list
Indian gunman had kill list

An Indian American gunman who killed his wife and a colleague was working off a ‘kill list” revealed authorities.

Mainak Sarkar, 38, shot dead Ashley Hasti in her Minnesota home before driving 2,000 miles to Los Angeles and shooting his former professor in his campus office on Wednesday (1), according to police reports.

Investigators believe that Sarkar had planned to kill another member of the faculty of UCLA who was off campus.

Police found a note in Sarkar’s backpack which led them to his home in Minnesota where they found a “kill list”.

Los Angeles police chief Charlie Beck told reporters that the names of Klug was on the list along with another UCLA professor and the deceased woman, apparently Hasti.

Beck said the likely motive was revenge as Sarkar believed that Klug had had stolen his computer code and given it to someone else.

“We have discussed this with UCLA (which) says there is no truth to it. “This was a making of his own imagination,” said Beck

Hasti and Sarkar were married on June 14, 2011, but officials in Hennepin County, in the midwestern state of Minnesota, said it was unclear if the couple were still married at the time of their deaths.