Trouble continues to hover over the release of Padmavati!

For one reason or the other, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies have always quoted controversies before or after their release. However, his upcoming costume drama Padmavati has been in the centre of controversies right from the beginning.

As the film mounted floors last year, a fringe group called Karni Sena created havoc on the sets of the film in Rajasthan, followed by a similar kind of attack in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. However, Sanjay Leela Bhansali remained undeterred and completed the whole film on schedule.

But little did he know that he would have to face opposition right before the release of the movie. After several protests by some Rajput organisations, the filmmaker is now being pressurised to postpone the release of his ambitious film for political reasons.

“The assembly elections in Gujarat are on December 9 and 14, and the results will be out on December 18. The police force will be on election duty. Also, the ruling party fears losing support from the right-wing groups that are morally opposed to the film. Though an official communication has not gone to the producers, they have been intimated that the party wants the film to be delayed,” a source reveals to an Indian daily.

Since the makers of Padmavati have inked a deal with a Hollywood studio for distribution, they are bound to release it on its scheduled date of December 1.

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