Tripet Garielle: Mast is a light-hearted song

A DREAM that started off wanting to sing in an Indian language she couldn’t speak has evolved into a music career with an interesting variety of songs for Tripet Garielle.

Now very much driven by a desire to inspire others, the independent singer-songwriter has made a lot of sacrifices to get where she is. She has worked hard with music producer Atif Ali to create brand new songs, including her new release Mast, which is taken from her upcoming second album.

“Mast is a dance number. The video portrays the power struggle between a prince of the harem and the goddess of the moonlight and them coming together as one when they fall in love. Mast is a light-hearted song to have a fun time dancing to, but at the same time, it gives a clear message of seduction,” said Tripet.

The rising star has created an eye-catching music video for a song that is different in style to anything she has done before. She hopes the Arabic-inspired dance song with Punjabi/Urdu lyrics touches the hearts of people worldwide. That dance vibe is the dominant genre on her forthcoming album and different to previous predominantly slower songs she has released.

“I do still love doing acoustic and slow romantic numbers, but I feel we as singers develop, like anyone else and have to grow. I have to grow or else I would go mad doing the same thing over and over. I have invested a lot in musical training so it’s only natural to want to develop taste wise as you develop vocally,” she said.

Looking ahead Tripet is planning to record a few cover songs and plans to shoot a further few videos to accompany her second album. The talented singer also plans to hit the live circuit too. Further ahead, her dream is to sing with Arijit Singh for an Aamir Khan Bollywood film. Pop singer Ariana Grande is also on her wish list.

Talking of big dreams, she is inspired by things that are not the norm. “I’m inspired by the beauty of women and men. I also love to dance and was recently introduced to the traditional dance of Peshawar called Attan. It’s usually things from other cultures I am attracted to and fall in love with. I could sit for hours listening to someone talking in a foreign language.”

Music artists that dominate her personal playlist include Mariah Carey, Lata Mangeshkar, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Shreya Ghoshal and opera singers such as Maria Callas.
She wants to continue improving with each release and finished off by telling Eastern Eye why she loves music.

“My love for music came from an early age when my dad would watch Bollywood movies all the time. So I used to sit with him, but I only ever took interest in the music. Also, I have been quite artistic from a young age and learned guitar at school. I used to write poetry so getting into music was inevitable for me. I feel like music has the ability to change one’s state in a millisecond and for me, that’s probably even more powerful than a drug.”