Teen describes how iPhone’s Siri saved his life

A TEENAGER has described how iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri helped him phone for help after he smashed his face.

Alishan Mahmood, a 19-year-old from northwest London, decided to call Siri for help after he collapsed in his kitchen and fell onto a pint glass. He said he was “blinded” by blood and glass, and his calls to neighbours for help went unheard.

Describing the incident, Mahmood said: “It was really scary. When I opened my right eye all I could see was blood. I thought for a moment I was going blind.

“I couldn’t really breathe properly and I was going into a bit of a panic. I tried to stretch out to my phone which must have been about a metre away. Then I remembered about the Siri setting. It felt like the stupidest thing calling out to it but I had no other choice but to give it a go.

“I called out ‘Hey Siri’ and it responded ‘How can I help?’ I felt this sigh of relief as it was as though someone was acknowledging the pain I was in. I then said ‘phone Rbeeda’ and it put me through straight away. Thankfully she picked up the phone straight away and phoned an ambulance too.”

Mahmood was home alone because he had been feeling dizzy earlier that day. His parents and five sisters were out for a meal when the accident occured.

They rushed home as soon as he called and he was taken to a hospital in Aylesbury. Although he had tests done, doctors could not find out why he fainted.

Mahmood added: “The moral of the story is Siri saved my life.”