Tamil Nadu has sunk to the lowest depth, says Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan is heading to Harvard University on February 10 where the actor-politician will take up issues plaguing Tamil Nadu at the annual Indian Conference of the University.

This will be Haasan’s second time in Harvard. He had earlier spoken at the university back in 2016 where he spoke eloquently about freedom of expression.

This time “the topic is Tamil Nadu,” Haasan said. “I chose to speak on it out of sheer necessity. Our state has sunk to the lowest depth. It is affecting my dignity as a man, even more as a Tamilian.” He also said he yearned to see Tamil Nadu reach the heights it deserves.

He is set to start his political journey from his hometown Ramanathapuram on February 21, and them move on to Madurai, Dindigul and Sivagangai districts as well. The aim of the tour was to help him familiarize with the problems faced by residents of Tamil Nadu.

“This is a journey of discovery and learning and an opportunity for me to truly understand my people,” the actor said at the time, adding that he wanted to challenge the status quo plaguing the state. The actor said he wanted people to question mediocrity and raise the bar on governance.

Last year, Haasan announced his formal entry into politics saying he is not just focused on winning elections.  “I have larger goals, longer time frame,” he said.