Super fan of the week – Rashami Desai

TALENTED actress Rashami Desai has appeared in films and lit up television in a series of unforgettable projects that have included hit serials.

Most recently she has won over audiences globally with her winning appearance on hit reality show Bigg Boss 13. One of her main admirers is Vaibhavi Singh from Raipur, who was happy to discuss her idol with Eastern Eye.

What first connected you to Rashami Desai?
It was her cute smiling face and then I became a fan of her talent.

What made you become a super fan?
I admire her talent, but what really inspired me and made me become a super fan is her struggle, and how she overcame challenges to get to where she is now.

Tell us something super you have done for her?
I created a fan page dedicated to her on Twitter (@ Rashamians_Adda). I have been taking part in the trends dedicated to her from morning till the middle of the night. I also made a tattoo of her name in my hand.

What has been your most memorable moment?
Seeing her unexpectedly getting eliminated in the fourth week of Bigg Boss 13 was shocking! But that day when she re-entered the house was a memorable moment.

What is the thing you most love about her?
She is an all-rounder. She is a good cook, has great acting skills, is stylish and a total dancing diva.

Which quality in Rashami do you most relate to?
The fact that she is emotional and mature.

What is your favourite work of her?
It would be Uttaran.

Why do you love being a super fan?
She is a natural beauty. The work she has done is commendable. Her confident walk and that too with those high heels grabs everyone’s attention. Her nature of not giving up easily has inspired many, including me. I love being called a super fan of such a true-hearted lady

Twitter: @Rashamians_Adda