Super fan of the week – Amaal Malik

Amaal Malik with his fan Shivani Patel
Amaal Malik with his fan Shivani Patel

TALENTED singer and composer Amaal Mallik has made an impressive musical mark with a series of successful songs that have delighted fans around the world. One of the admirers is Shivani Patel from Ahmedabad in India.

Eastern Eye caught up with the super fan to find out more…

What connected you to Amaal?
One of my friends made me hear Naina from Khoobsurat, where I first got to know about him. When Sooraj Dooba Hai released, I started connecting to his music and knew he is the one who I wanted to support every day of my life.

What made you become a true super fan?
I believe in him and his music. His music has sutured the parts of my past, freed me from the broken relationships, healed me and promised to be with me forever. This inexplicable connection with his music made me his super fan.

Tell us about something super you have done for Amaal…
I’ve travelled to different cities to attend his concerts. I’ve celebrated his birthdays with poor kids, by visiting old age homes or organising blood donation camps. I’ve sent him handmade gifts and planted a sapling with every song he composes. I always try my best to make him feel loved, motivated and positive.

What has been your most memorable moment?
He has given me so many beautiful memories, which I will cherish all my life. This one time when I was in London for my Masters, he had a concert in Ahmedabad. When he came to know my mum was there, he met her with so much warmth and respect. I am forever grateful.

What is the thing you most love about Amaal?
He is one of the most genuine, supportive and generous people I know. He is very hard-working and always thankful. In this era of recreations, he is trying his best to bring back original music.

Which quality in him do you most relate to?
We are very honest and fearless. We would go out of our way to do something for the people we love.

What is your favourite song of his?
His music is such a blessing in my life that it is very difficult to choose one, but if I have to, it is Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon.

Why do you love being a super fan?
I get to tell him every single day how much I love him and his music. The best version I could ever be is being an Amaalian. I have been blessed with some beautiful friendships and the Amaalian family who very sweetly call me Boss Patel, which is thanks to Amaal Mallik.

Twitter: @ShivaniPatel23