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Stop speculating about the reason behind Sridevi’s death, urge TV actors

Actor Sridevi’s untimely demise has left the whole nation reeling in shock. From cardiac arrest to accidental drowning, there have been so many speculations about how she passed away. TV actors urge everyone to stop talking about how she died and grieve in peace.

Ruhi Chaturvedi: It’s very heartbreaking to know that she is not around anymore. A legacy has left us. The directors who I have worked with or the senior actors from the industry have always asked me to learn and understand the depth of acting looking at her. It’s always been Sridevi for me. The speculation surrounding her death is all crap. She is gone. Her family needs to be left alone so that this can sink in. We need to cherish her memories, rather than digging into what went wrong. May her soul rest in peace! When I think of her films, I can’t pick my favorite. But my top most favorites are Sadma and Chalbaaz. The way she has emoted these roles is amazing. I guess it’s like a Bible for anyone who aspires to be a part of this entertainment world.

Bhakhtyar Irani: My favorite Sridevi films are Sadma and Chalbaaz. I still can’t come to terms with the fact that she is no more. I can’t even imagine how her family is coping up. I feel all this speculation about her death is not required. A legend has left us, which is so unfortunate. All this talk regarding how she passed away is clearly making this worse for her family. I urge all media channels to respect the family’s privacy and give them a chance to grieve.

Randeep Rai: I was very shocked to hear of Sridevi’s sudden death. It’s a great loss to our industry, She was the beauty of 80’s screen. I am not paying attention to any news because for me, she is no more and that’s what matters, nothing else. One of my favorite movies is Judaai. I loved her in that.

Smiriti Kalra: Sridevi is my favorite actress. I always wanted to be like her, dance like her and make my comedy timing as impeccable as hers was. She has lived with me in my memories. I will not mourn her because she continues to live with me. I was at my sister’s wedding when I heard the news. I wasn’t able to believe it. It was very difficult to digest it. I was feeling very low last night but I realized it’s a good way to go, without any ailment or pain. I love her movies Chaalbaaz and Lamhe. I love wearing white suits as I saw her wearing white suits in Chandni. Her song Mere Haaton Me Nau-Nau Choodiyan Hain is my favorite.

Sheeba: I am sad, shocked and stupefied at the sudden and irreplaceable loss of an icon. I just spent some time with her at a wedding, a couple of weeks back and feel immeasurably sorry for her two girls. She lived her life with so much dignity and she should be allowed to go in peace, without all the rubbish, speculation and gossip. I loved her in all her films but I especially loved her in Chaalbaaz.

Rohan Gandotra: I am deeply saddened by the news of her demise. I was just watching her movie Mom a few days back. Her performance was amazing. She stayed in Andheri and whenever I used to cross her house, I always used to look up, just to get a glimpse of her. Sadly, I never got a chance to meet her. She is my favorite superstar since childhood and even today she has been giving hits with the latest movies that she has done. Condolences to the family.

Aadesh Chaudhary: Sridevi was an amazing actor, and her loss is irreplaceable. It must be a terrible time for her family and they must be allowed to grieve in peace. I would urge everyone to stop speculating why she died and trivialize her death. My favorite Sridevi film was Chaalbaaz. I loved her in it.

Abraam Pandey: Loosing Sridevi Ji is a big loss for the Indian film industry. We all grew up watching her and suddenly to hear that she is no longer with us is hard to digest. I still remember the time, it was 3.24 am and my friend from the Middle East texted me that she has died. My first reaction was, ‘Please! This is not the right time to joke,’ but then she replied saying that she was serious. We have truly lost a legend.