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SKSS Temple Woolwich celebrates reopening with vibrant street procession

SKSS Temple Woolwich – the biggest Mandir (Hindu temple) in South East London marked new beginnings with a grand procession celebrating the re-opening on Sunday, August 6th.

The event kicked off at 1pm at Royal Artillery Barracks Field singing, dancing and playing music through the heart of Woolwich, on foot, to the Temple on St Margaret’s Grove. The procession was initiated by releasing 400 helium balloons before the community led event started. Live music by other temples from around the UK and dances by professional groups along with the Air Cadets filled the streets.

With over 3000 participants, the event was one never to forget with vibrant colours, spiritual sounds and flamboyant floats. The excitement was endless with the rickshaw rides really giving it that Indian street carnival feel alongside the wider community joining in as one big family.

This event was not only to bring the communities together but also to welcome our beloved Bal Ghanshyam Maharaj (religious idol) into Woolwich.

This event was at the beginning of the nine day celebrations, with much more in store to embrace the start of a new legacy.

For more information and full details of the week, please visit

With food being served twice daily, the mandir hopes to see you members of the community turn out in force!