Sehban Azim: I’ve learned to be simple, patient and calm from my parents!

Popular Indian television star Sehban Azim has impressed the audience with his performances in a number of shows. The handsome actor speaks about his parents and various things he has learnt from them over the years.

Azim feels it is natural to learn from things you see around. Similarly one also learns a lot of things from a lot of people that one has been around with. On being asked who has been instrumental in making him learn various things, he says, “My list does include so many wonderful teachers from school and college, grandparents, relatives and friends and even friend’s families. But when it is about my learning, I am so thankful that it had to be my parents. They are different people in nature and as individuals, with different ways of working and understanding. They have a different way of teaching things as well. Being close to both of them I think I have tried to have a balance of both of them within me.”

Sehban also adds,” My father Abdul Azim who was an entrepreneur and a commercial artist has a vast knowledge about everything. I still remember him quoting from Vedas, Quran, and from a lot of different authors and philosophers. Bertrand Russell is one of his favorites. He always had books around him and I  was a curious kid who always wanted to know what he is reading and why is he reading. I have learned to be simple, patient, calm and also how there’s no end to learning and you should always be ready and eager to learn new things as that would eventually transform into a good life and a content human being.”

Speaking about his mother Azim adds, “On the other hand, was my mother Dr Nigar Azim who is an art teacher and Urdu fiction writer. She always had a different perspective towards life, a realistic approach. She was someone who always believed in doing than talking. She had the immense clarity of thoughts and very observant in nature. While growing up, I saw her going to school to teach, coming back home to take care of the house, take care of me and my four siblings, helping us to study, cooking for us and during all this studying herself, she completed her Ph.D. on Sadat Hasan Manto while I was in school and also penned down around 4-5 books and still continues to write, most of them being a collection of short stories mostly inspired by her real life and her entire thesis. She also writes Urdu poetry and you can see such emotions flowing in abundance in each one of them. She is one super woman with such strong attributes. All this had an immense impact on me while growing up and I have learned so many things, some I might not even know yet and would probably realize with time.”