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Sanaya Irani reveals scary incidents that took place during the shooting of Ghost


Sanaya Irani will next be seen on the big screen in Vikram Bhatt’s Ghost. It’s a horror film and usually, during the shooting of such movies, cast and crew face a lot of supernatural activity around them that of course scares them.

We recently met Sanaya Irani and her co-star Shivam Bhaargava to speak about the film. When we asked them if they faced any scary incidents during the shooting of the film, Sanaya revealed, “There’s a scene that I was shooting where I am watching television and it goes off. Then I switch it back on and again it goes off. Then it becomes static and I start hearing something talking to me through television. So, I naturally go close to it, and I put my ear to the television to hear it. Now, in real when we were shooting the scene, television was completely static, it was a big LCD. While I was doing it, the crew was like ‘kya tha woh’. So, there was this shadow that came into the static when my ears were into it. I was like everybody is joking with me. But our DOP Prakash sir actually showed me the take and there was a shadow and I was like I am not the shot again.”

She further said, “You know we were giving the interview and the lights went off.” Shivam added, “One of the lights in this room only went off and when we finished the interview, it came back.”

Sanaya went on to explain why it happened. She said, “There was another incident during the filming. While we were filming the climax scene, there was an actor present over there who talks to spirits in real life. So, we all were sitting together and he said, ‘she is standing there, she is looking at us and we are disturbing her’.  We were like who, so he said, Rebekkah, and Vikram was like he is making a fool of me. So, he sent the line producer to find out and actually 100 years back, there was a hostel there and there was a matron in the hostel called Rebekkah. And this information is nowhere online, so that guy couldn’t Google it to scare us. It was only known by locals and I think the reason why the weird things are happening when we give interviews because now Rebekkah has become the member of our cast and crew.”

Ghost is slated to release on 18th October 2019.