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Rohit Purohit: Porus taught me how to believe in my character

Being part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Porus has helped actor Rohit Purohit become a better actor. The actor, who plays the role of Alexander on the show, says that the show has changed his whole perception towards acting.

Porus has added many things in my life. Before Porus, the way I used to think about my character was totally different and now it is totally different. My working pattern has completely changed after Porus. The set-up of my character Alexander at the start was shown as a grey character. Working on this show helped me learn how to work on one’s character and how you can make the audience believe in your character. For an Indian guy, it’s difficult to colour one’s hair and then play the role of a Greek character like Alexander. I learned the way you go on working on yourself and your character. Secondly, after playing this character, now I am more open towards life. Everything that I feared earlier does not scare me anymore,” he says.

His fans love his character too and compliment him on a daily basis. “Every day I get some or the other comments from my fans. All the message are special to me. When I see audiences loving the character of Alexander so much, it makes me feel good.  It feels good to see that people are connected to Alexander so strongly,” he says.

Ask him who he bonds well with on the sets, and he says, “I bond with everyone. Akash, Samiksha and everyone else!”

Porus is a big show and can be quite demanding as well, says the actor. “It is very demanding because you need to justify it. You need to give your 200% to make people believe in your character,” he says.

The actor says that honesty is something that he has learned from his character. “When you work with honesty, whatever you do on screen will show instantly. When Alexander comes with his mom onscreen, he looks like a son. Alexander is a person who used to work hard for the things he always desired. If we mirror his passion in life, we can achieve anything,” he says.

He adds, “I have also learnt courage and the will to fight for one’s dream. Despite coming from a small place in Greece, Alexander thinks he can conquer everything and spread his name all over the world. This is the passion that we need as well!”

The actor is also very close to Siddharth Kumar Tewary. “I share a very close bond with sir. After I did Raziya Sultan two years ago, I didn’t have any work to do. I didn’t take up any other show because after working with Swastik, it was very difficult to work with some production house on television. Swastik is like family to me. It’s a very comfortable zone for me,” he says.