Priyanka Chopra on her failed relationship

In a recent interview, Priyanka Chopra confessed that she was in a committed relationship and that she has been single since a year.

Priyanka has been away from Mumbai for the shooting of her American TV series Quantico. She has been living in America for almost a year. When asked by a leading Indian magazine about whether the distance aided her to rise above the heartache, Priyanka said, “The heartache? No, I come back to Mumbai every three minutes. I need an excuse, please bring me back. All that doesn’t make a difference, I don’t run away from my problems. I believe in facing them. So, if your heart hurts, you have to look into what is causing you heartache. The day it stops hurting is when you’ll be over with it.”

On being asked about whether she carries a baggage from her past relationship, she said, “No. Maybe, at the moment I don’t feel I have baggage. Maybe, I’ll judge the next one based on what I felt in the last one. I have now become okay with myself. I like my company, I like my time. That’s why I believe I’ve healed. I’m ready to deal with life and whatever it has to offer. But honestly, what happens with a lot of people, a lot of my friends have been through this, is that when you go through heartbreak, you hold the world responsible, you hold your ex-responsible. That is keeping the weight on your legs. So forgive and forget and let go!”

Adding further, she mentioned that she feels bizarre being single. “Yeah, you’re not thinking about two people. And this is bizarre to me. Suddenly, it’s about my choice. I decide. I don’t have to think about what that might mean to someone else. I’m not saying I’ll only think about me. But it gives you such strength. Then you’re a strong person in your next relationship. I’ve many friends, who’re in successful and beautiful marriages. I see my actor friends there with kids and family. They enjoy doing normal stupid things – like let’s all sit and decorate the Christmas tree in pyjamas. Such a normal family thing to do. It’s those things that I crave. Normality in my extraordinary life… I’m sure it will happen ‘cause I’ve told the Universe I want it,” she said.