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Panel bans teacher who called Islam ‘cancer of the world’

(Representational image: iStock)
(Representational image: iStock)

THE UK education department has banned for life a primary school teacher who described Islam as “the cancer of the world”.

Philip Turner, 52, had made also caustic remarks against ethnic minorities at Mary Elton Primary School in Clevedon, Somerset.

The department said he had displayed “unacceptable lack of tolerance”, while noting his “sustained offensive posts promoting racial and religious hatred”.

The school had expelled Turner last year, as parents raised concerns over his obnoxious views.

Following his appeal, a disciplinary tribunal noted that he had told his students “all Mexicans were criminals”, and that ethnic minority individuals who disagreed with governmental policies should “leave the country”.

Turner’s anti-Islamic diatribe on Facebook included posts on girls being “raped by men who have no right to be in this country…”, and Islam being a “vile vile vile religion”.

Another one said: “Islam is the cancer of the world. Cut it out!”

Furthermore, posting a picture of Asian men, he had commented: “More child rapists – wonder what they have in common?”

Based on evidence that his “unacceptable views had been presented to pupils in the classroom setting”, the Teaching Regulation Agency panel stated that there was a “risk of such extreme views being presented to impressionable pupils”.

The panel observed that Turner “was responsible for posting all the material and/or failing to remove material which demonstrated a lack of tolerance and/or respect for persons of other faiths or nationalities”.

“Turner failed to show any insight whatsoever into his actions or the impact that his views could have on pupils. He showed no remorse throughout the process,” said the panel’s chairman, John Armstrong.