My top ten self-care tips for travel – Jasvir Rababan

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

“My lifestyle is such that I spend more time travelling than I do in my home. I’ve been on average 10-11 months on the road annually for the last six years. I couldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it so much. Travelling around the world has helped me learn, grow and understand the world is my home and greatest gift. Constantly moving is challenging, but I’m deeply grateful for it. Travel does take its toll on the body, which is why it’s important to look after yourself. With that in mind, these are my top 10 self-care tips for travel.”

Travel pillow: The neck carries the most stress and if not looked after, it can cause headaches. So I travel with a good quality, comfy neck pillow to save me sleeping on the shoulder of a stranger sitting next to me on the plane (which has happened more times than I’d like to admit). Sleeping on the plane can be uncomfortable and that’s why something as simple as a good neck pillow makes all the difference.

Music: I live and breathe music, so travelling without my bluetooth speaker and headphones is not an option. My phone is loaded with playlists ready to fulfil the needs of all of my colourful moods. Music helps me transform each space I’m in, to make it feel like my own.

Snacks: As a child, I was embarrassed by my mom carrying food in her bag everywhere and randomly bringing it out to feed the world. It’s taken for me to become an adult to understand the value of carrying food. (Laughs) So, now, I am that embarrassing person bringing out food everywhere, but I love it. I have helped people who needed something to eat when their sugar levels dropped. I have something for anyone without a home who needs food and also saved myself when I’ve been stuck.

Essential oils: I’m very sensitive to aromas and there are a ton of smells my body can’t tolerate. I know that’s not the nicest thing to know about me, but it means that I am ready and armed with plenty of citrus and floral scents to override yucky smells. So, planes and confined spaces can be very difficult. In planes, my two favourite scents are lavender or wild orange, which have a calming effect and are pleasant. I also add a drop of OnGuard essential oil into my water bottle to keep my immune system in check.

Journal: Thoughts, feelings or amazing new ideas can come at any moment. That’s why I keep my journal inside my bag as a faithful travel companion ready to hear my thoughts and listen to whatever I have to say without judgement. Journaling is very helpful during travel to keep track of all the movements as it’s very easy to lose track of what you have been doing and the blur can often create a negative mist.

Entertainment: Some airlines have entertainment options, but others don’t. That’s why I keep my iPad charged and loaded with my current favourite Netflix shows downloaded and ready to go. This has gotten me through countless delays. I don’t travel without my own entertainment.

Car accessories: I prefer the freedom of a car to move around and get a rental for local commuting. Therefore, car accessories will also be found in my travel bag ready for a happy, safe drive, such as an extra phone charging cable and a phone clip.

Good food: Quality fuel for the body is vital. It’s great indulging in local specialities, but not something that is sustainable for the body, which is why I search for good quality restaurants with clean food. Or you’ll find me in the whole foods section picking up fruits, coconut water and maybe some kombucha, if I’m in the mood.

Pamper time: Being on the road has made me learn the importance of pampering, so I try staying on top of being kind to myself with relaxing treats, wherever possible. This includes everything from a massage, to a visit to the nail salon or a day at the spa just relaxing. Slowing down to relax is important when life is always ‘go go go’; so pause, breathe and pamper yourself.

My rabab: Wherever you find me, you’ll also find my beloved rabab. My musical instrument is a key part of who I am and my daily practice and routine. It’s actually the reason I travel so much. I travel performing, teaching and sharing the value of sacred music as a tool for mental and emotional wellness at the Raj Academy; the world’s leading international institution sharing and teaching the power of sound.

Jasvir Rababan is a spiritual coach, musician, activist, speaker and filmmaker. Visit Instagram: @jasvir.rababan & @kaurvoices and