Man kills wife to pursue relationship with her sister

Fahima Yusuf (Photo: Facebook)
Fahima Yusuf (Photo: Facebook)

A COURT in Australia has sentenced a man to 23 years in prison for murdering his British wife.

Ahmed Dawood Seedat battered his wife Fahima Yusuf to death with a wheel brace while their children slept at their home in Perth, Australia in August.

He killed Yusuf, originally from Bolton, because he wanted a relationship with her sister.

Sentencing Seedat, a judge called the killing brutal, callous and cowardly.

Justice Bruno Fiannaca said Seedat searched online for terms such as “cremating a body” and “best place to knock someone out” before committing the crime.

After killing his wife, he buried her in a hole that had been made to install a pool for his children, aged two and five.

Seedat’s lawyer had earlier told the court that he had lost sexual interest in his wife and that he could not meet her “sexual demands.”

After Yusuf’s death, Seedat told her friends that she had gone to the UK for eye surgery. He told her sister that she had left him.

Yusuf was reported missing four days after her death and her body was found the following day.

Seedat said his wife’s final words to him were ‘I love you.’