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Man arrested after Muslim schoolgirls filmed in ‘disturbing’ racist video

A MAN has been arrested after police investigated a video that shows a man following Muslim schoolgirls and calling for them to be sterilised.

A male in his 60s was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on Monday (28) on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

In the video, which circulated on social media, a man is heard racially abusing girls wearing hijab (headscarves) as they leave a school in Bow, east London. He initially films them through a bus window before alighting from the bus and follows them hurling insults.

He is heard calling them “black c***s” who are going to “breed like f***ing rats”.

“We’re going to be f***ed with this lot,” he adds. “I think what we might have to do is think of something like old doctor Mengele […] so the c**ts can’t f***ing multiply.”

The man was referring to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor who tested tortuous methods of sterilisation on Jewish women.

The girls in the video, students of Central Foundation Girls’ School, were unaware they were being filmed. The video has been condemned by the mayor of Tower Hamlets and local councillors and they have offered support to the school.

According to a Metropolitan police spokeswoman, the man arrested was taken to an east London police station where he currently remains in custody.

Hate monitoring group Tell MAMA said Muslim women often bear the brunt of rising Islamophobia in the UK and the abuse has become so targeted that several of them were resorting to wearing caps instead of hijabs.

Women were more likely to be attacked or abused if they were wearing Islamic clothing, a Tell MAMA report in 2017 said.