Madhurima Tuli Interview: I’m an actor who craves for good roles and good content

Actress Madhurima Tuli, who will shortly be seen opposite Ssharad Malhotraa in Humtum Telefilms’ short movie Pasta, talks about how she came on board, working with Ssharad as well as her role in it.

What prompted you to do a short film?

I am doing Chandrakanta right now where I am wearing Indian clothes since it’s a mythological historical show. This short film Pasta was something very different. It had humour, it had a young look and young people around. The story and concept were so cool that instantly I just thought to grab this opportunity and be a part of this short film. This will give me an image break also, and I can also tell people that I can do something which is not Indian but Indo-western. That’s what prompted me to do this short film.

What is your role in Pasta?

My character’s name in the short film is Nimmi who is a working woman. She is married to Anant, played by Ssharad Malhotraa, for three to four years. The marriage has faded off a little bit and there is some confusion happening. I can’t reveal much since it’s a situational comedy. You’ll have to see the film to understand what exactly it is. But there is some misunderstanding that has happened. The movie talks about how you should take life a little lightly because life is beautiful.

Have you done any other short film in past?

No, I haven’t done any other short film. This is my first short film. I am very excited. I feel lucky to have got the chance to work with our director Vibhuti and to associate with HumTum Telefilms, Sushant Kumar and Ssharad Malhotraa. Ssharad is a fantastic actor. I really love his work. I am waiting for the film to release. Let’s see how the audience takes it. I hope that they like and enjoy the film.

How was it working with HumTum Telefilms and Sushant Kumar?

Working with HumTum Telefilms was amazing. They’re extremely professional people. Sushant Kumar is a fantastic human being and a good producer. It’s been a great association with them. I hope to work with them soon again. I wish them all the best because this is their first short film. I hope they do wonders in their production house.

How was it working with Ssharad Malhotraa?

Ssharad is a fantastic actor as I said before. I think he is very easy going. He makes the other person also very comfortable. He has this amazing personality which shows in his on-screen roles. It was great working with him. I really enjoyed working with him. I really respect him and love his work. He loves and enjoys his work and that’s what makes him great. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

TV, films and now short films too, which medium you like the most and why?

I like all mediums. I am an actor who craves for good roles and good content. I definitely prefer films because in films you get the time to do something with your roles, you get the time to improvise and do a lot of things.