Labour MP receives racist email over Brexit stance

Rupa Huq (Photo: Twitter)
Rupa Huq (Photo: Twitter)

AN investigation has been launched after Labour MP Rupa Huq received a racist email abusing her for her stance on Brexit.

Huq, of Bangladeshi-origin, received an email from someone who identified himself as only “John.” Asking her to “not obstruct a no-deal exit” the sender wrote, “Otherwise you might potentially be killed in a civil war in which many would die.”

Calling her a “miserable, stinking, filthy EU ****e,” “John” asked her to “return to Bangladesh to ponder your life if you do not come to your senses over Brexit.”

Responding to “John,” Huq said democracy did not end the day Britain voted to leave the European Union. She said she would continue to fight for a People’s Vote.

The 46-year-old also noted that she wouldn’t be taking the advice to return to “somewhere I’ve only holidayed to (been to Isle of Wight more often)”

Scotland Yard said officers received an allegation of malicious communication that “relates to an email communication received by a female MP”.

“The contents are being assessed. There have been no arrests,” a police spokesman told the Evening Standard.