Labour MP calls Johnson a ‘dictator’ after he suspends Parliament

Preet Gill MP
Preet Gill MP

LABOUR MP Preet Kaur Gill has called Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament  a “coup” and termed the prime minister a “dictator.”

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (28), Gill wrote: “I make no apology in calling this for what it is: This is a coup made by an extreme Right Wing Group masquerading as democrats.  What does that make Boris Johnson? The public must tell him in no uncertain terms – It makes him a dictator. We must not let this happen. #StopTheCoup.”

Critics have slammed Johnson’s move, saying it would stop MPs being able to use legislative measures to prevent a damaging British exit from the EU.

The prime minister’s announcement has also triggered protests and resignations.

On Thursday (29), Ruth Davidson, a critic of a “no-deal” Brexit, quit as leader of Scottish Conservatives. In her letter, she said her decision was made for family reasons, but added that she has “not hidden the conflict I have felt over Brexit.”

Lord Young of Cookham, a junior Tory whip in the House of Lords, also resigned saying he was unhappy with the timing and length of the prorogation. He wrote it “risks undermining the fundamental role of Parliament at a critical time in our history, and reinforces the view that the government may not have the confidence of the House for its Brexit policy.”

Next week, lawmakers will return from their summer breaks for a short session and they are pledging to challenge what Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn termed Johnson’s “smash-and-grab raid against our democracy.”

“What we’re going to do is try to politically stop him on Tuesday with a parliamentary process in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit and also to try and prevent him shutting down Parliament in this utterly crucial period,” said Corbyn.