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Imran Khan courts controversy for saying feminism degrading motherhood

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan recently attracted the wrath of quite a number of his voter base when he remarked feminism was degrading motherhood.

The PTI chief has been campaigning heavily for the July 25 general elections in Pakistan and he intends to make a big splash in the upcoming elections. But a good section of women voters aren’t pleased with Khan’s recent statement on motherhood and feminism.

“A mother is the biggest influence in her child’s life,” Khan told Pakistani media during a recent interaction. “I disagree with the Western concept of feminism; it has completely degraded the role of a mother.”

Khan made this remark while talking about his mother’s influential role in his upbringing.

Twitterati was quick to slam Khan for his rather myopic view of how feminism works.

“Feminism is literally what secured paid maternity leave for mothers in most of Europe and the world (so they could better care for their children), but I guess it’s more useful to spout ignorant anti-feminist rhetoric to pander to your conservative base,” pointed out one Twitter user.

Another wrote: “If Imran Khan thinks motherhood is the most cherished and valuable role for women, maybe PTI could’ve worked to make life better for mothers and not opposed the 2016 Protection Against Domestic Violence Bill so much.”

Yet another tweet read: “In the meanwhile, his ex-wife, a self declared feminist from the West appears to be a wonderful mother. So maybe he should *literally* look at his own family before making such jarring statements.”

Interestingly, there were many who supported Khan as well.