How to keep love alive in lockdown



ALL aspects of life are being affected during the Covid-19 lockdown and that includes love lives.

Whether you are single, living with someone or forced to be apart from your loved one due to self-isolation, there are various romantic challenges individuals are facing on a daily basis.

With that in mind, Eastern Eye came up with a quick guide to keep romance alive, according to the relationship situation you are currently in.

Isolating together
Couples, whether married or not, who live in the same place will be spending even more time together than usual and this can put a strain on even the strongest bonds. Experts have predicted that many relationships may break because of this, but it doesn’t have to be like that, and here are some helpful tips for couples living together to keep the passion alive.

Space: Being locked together for 24 hours a day can be overwhelming, so it’s important you give each other space and do individual activities like reading, exercise or a hobby.

Fun: This doesn’t mean just in the bedroom! Find activities you both enjoy like watching movies, playing a board game, dancing or karaoke and do them together, mixing it up.

Niceness: Let small annoyances be forgotten and press pause on any big arguments. Be nice whenever possible, and if you do find yourself getting angry at your partner, walk away until the red mist subsides.

Understand: Don’t make assumptions about what your partner is feeling or make any rash judgements. If something is annoying you or doesn’t make sense, talk it out calmly and keep a communication channel open at all times.

Try: Don’t slip into a comfort zone, and make an effort whenever it is possible, whether it is dressing up for your partner, cooking or tidying up. It will be greatly appreciated and show you care.

Remember: Keep reminding yourself about qualities that you found attractive in your partner and how much stronger you are together. Also, remember this is a challenging time that is causing stress globally and that you will get through it.

Smile: Keeping laughter alive during self-isolation is important because it generates a positive energy, which will create a better atmosphere and be uplifting.

Isolating apart
Many couples do not live together and so, have to be apart during the self-isolation period triggered by Covid-19. Here are some quick tips to keep the flame burning brightly even while being apart from a loved one during the pandemic enforced long distance relationship.

Calmness: First and foremost, it is important that you don’t freak out or panic. Being disconnected for a long time might seem scary, but remember your partner is in the exact same position and needs your positivity right now.

Video: Make full use of the technology available today and have regular video chats with your partner. You can make them fun by turning them into dates, where you eat together and dress up.

Write: Go old school and write to each other. Whether it is a handwritten letter or an email expressing how you feel, write to each other regularly and reveal more about yourself.

Playlists: You can also make romantic playlists of songs for one another or create a list of movies or TV series you have enjoyed and recommend them to your partner.

Creativity: Whether it is making a funny video, writing a poem or dressing up for a video chat, find creative ways to express how you feel and have fun doing it.

■ Communicate: It is important to keep a good communication channel to let the other person know how you are feeling, but don’t be too excessive with conversation lengths and get overly dramatic with topics. Be honest with each other, but save the heavier stuff for when you are both face to face again.

Stay positive: The longer a self-isolation related separation happens, the more strain it will likely put on a relationship, so maintain positivity and let the other person know how special they are to you on a regular basis. Perhaps make plans so you have something to look forward to once the lockdown is over.

Isolating single
Those who are single don’t need to feel left out during the enforced stay indoors and can still potentially find love. In fact, there has been a documented number of people who have found love without leaving the comfort of their home, and here are some quick tips to help you along the way, including why it may turn out to be an advantageous situation.

Not alone: If you are isolating alone and not in a relationship, it is easy to feel down, but stop yourself from doing that and look on the bright side. There are a lot of other singletons out there in the same position, waiting to be found.

No no: You and your ex-partner are no longer together for a reason, so resist the urge of calling or messaging your ex. Remind yourself there are lot of new people out there waiting to meet you.

Download: There are lots of dating apps that will enable you to look for that someone special without breaking self-isolation rules and venturing out. Apps like Tinder and Bumble will allow you to communicate with potential partners.

Friendship: The first step towards a lasting relationship is friendship, so get online or start swiping on apps and meet new people. Then, who knows, one of these new friends could be someone special.

Time: The big advantage of being in self-isolation is that you have a lot more time to not only find someone, but to get to know them as well. You can spend more time talking and don’t have that pressure of meeting up immediately or going too fast.

Romance: The option of taking someone on a first date like a restaurant may not be there, but there are plenty of other ways to get romantic with someone you may have connected with or are trying to woo. Whether it is humour, romance, intelligence or emotional depth, let that other person see your inner light. So much that they will be dying to meet you when this is over.

Love: Remember the first step towards true love is to love yourself. Spend this time in quarantine reconnecting with that inner light and taking care of yourself. Love yourself, smile and remain positive. Everything else will look after itself.