Halal Expo London 2019 will begin on April 24.

MORE than 300 exhibitors are expected to attend this year’s Halal Expo London, a two-day event that will showcase the latest halal products and services.

From cosmetics to food, and financial services to packaging, there has been a growing demand for halal products in the UK.

Aatif Majid, founder and director of Halal Expo London, estimated that the UK halal market is today worth $4.5 billion and is expected to grow by five per cent each year until 2020.

“Whether an existing supplier looking to increase market share, or a new entrant, careful understanding of the sector is needed, one that respects the traditions, values and preferences of the Muslim community. This is why we created the Halal Expo London exhibition,” said Majid.

The two-day event at ExCel London will commence on April 24 and will also feature industry- speakers who will discuss trends and developments in the market.